Rosemary and Migraines

Rosemary, an herb of the Sun, is a culinary herb used regularly by people all over the world. Culpepper says, “It helps a weak memory, and quickens the senses.” Plant rosemary in the waning Moon phase during a fertile sign.

I’ve dealt with migraines for as long as I can remember. They used to last three days, but now they’re down to one. A few weeks ago, I had a little garden miracle with rosemary that I want to share with you. Continue reading

Moon in Aries

March 29, 9:55pm ~ April 1, 1:20am

This is a mixed period for the Aries Moon. It is waning through the 30th, New at exactly 2:48pm on the 30th, and is waxing from that moment until 1:20am on April 1st.

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Waning Moon in Pisces

Pisces days, in general, have a sensitive, ethereal feel to them. Overall, Pisces days are good for spending some time in solitude. Finding some alone time just might help you process the feelings or vibes you’ve picked up while engaging in your everyday activities.

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Waning Moon in Capricorn

We’re in the waning phase, which is the time of release after the Full Moon. In the home and for our self, it’s time to detox and eliminate. The skin and bones are the parts of the body associated with Capricorn, making this the right time for a good exfoliating or cleansing facial. Capricorn is an earth sign, so use a clay mask if you have one to refresh those pores. Check your calcium supply.

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Pansy Planting Time

File:Pansy Viola x wittrockiana Purple Cultivar Flower 1907px.jpgHere in Zone 8 the weather has started to cool a bit making it the best time to plant pansies. Plant too early, and the pansies have a hard time adapting.

Here are the best days for October plantings during the waxing phase:

  1. 5-6 ~ The Moon in Libra makes it an auspicious time to get these winter beauties in the ground. Libra was made for flowers!
  2. 6-8 ~ The Moon moves into fertile, sturdy Scorpio. If you’re looking for hardiness, this is an excellent sign.
  3. 10-12 ~ Capricorn creates strong stems. Get them planted before the Moon changes to Aquarius at 2:00pm (EDT). Aquarius is a very barren sign.
  4. 14-16 ~ Pisces is an extremely fertile sign.

Pansies are heavy feeders, so be sure to give them something to snack on when you plant them and then every two weeks. They should last well into the spring in Zone 8, provided there aren’t too many freezing nights.

If you’re thinking of using pansies in a container, they look fantastic with parsley. Together, they make a simple salad garden since you can eat the pansy flowers and the parsley. Keep your pansies organic if you plan on eating them and do make sure that the ones you get at the nursery have not been sprayed with insecticides.

Gardening Calendar for August

August 2013 gardening calendarHow’s your garden growing? Here in middle Georgia, it’s very bizarre. We should be scalding hot with a need to water every single day. Most days in my area are in the mid-80’s and I can’t remember the last time I had to pull the hose out to water my garden.

It has been so wet that there’s a wintry feel to it because I mostly watch my garden from inside my house. What a strange summer.

For those of you who are still able to garden, here’s a lunar calendar for August. The daily Moon sign is in the right hand corner of each calendar day box. (Click the calendar to open to a full-size pdf.)

If there are two signs, it means that the Moon changes sign on that day. The time of the change is listed below the sign glyphs. The time noted is EDT, so adjust accordingly.

New and Full Moons and waxing and waning cycles are clearly marked.

Oh, My Aching Tooth

Remember Dustin Hoffman with the clove oil in Marathon Man? Now there’s a man with a tooth ache.

My husband, Dave, has been having some tooth trouble recently. Trouble as in he shouts in pain when he puts food in his mouth. I mentioned to him that he might put some clove oil on it to ease the pain, but he was reluctant.

The other night, he woke me from a deep sleep and whispered, “Where’s that clove oil you said you have?” He was in excruciating pain. Continue reading

Abutilon ~ Flowering Maples

My first abutilon entered my life last summer and I am madly, desperately in love with it. I’ve fallen head over heels for its sisters and cousins, too. There are about 150 different kinds and (I hope my husband isn’t reading this) I want them all.

My first one is like the orange one here, and my last haul is like the one up top except they have speckled leaves ~ the result of a virus that’s not harmful to the plant.

They are also called Chinese lanterns and parlor maples. Parlor maple is a hint that this is an old fashioned plant, which means it’s out of fashion and harder to find. Continue reading

Fertile, Fertile Days

seedlings-0414The Waxing Moon entered Cancer today at 12:17pm (EDT) and stays through the 12th at 12:58am. That gives us some of the most fertile planting days of the month. If you have an annual plant or two still in their nursery containers or some seeds you’d like to sow, find a little time to set them out between now and Tuesday evening.

Plant anything that has its seeds on the outside. That’s most annual flowers, lettuce, annual herbs, broccoli, and so on. Save those plants with inside seeds (tomatoes, squash) for the 2nd quarter if you can. That’s the 16-22 of June.

Save bulbs, corms, rhizomes and tubers until after the Full Moon on June 23rd. Stick to annuals and seasonal veggies from now till the 12th.

Get ready. Summer’s a’comin.