Pansy Planting Time

File:Pansy Viola x wittrockiana Purple Cultivar Flower 1907px.jpgHere in Zone 8 the weather has started to cool a bit making it the best time to plant pansies. Plant too early, and the pansies have a hard time adapting.

Here are the best days for October plantings during the waxing phase:

  1. 5-6 ~ The Moon in Libra makes it an auspicious time to get these winter beauties in the ground. Libra was made for flowers!
  2. 6-8 ~ The Moon moves into fertile, sturdy Scorpio. If you’re looking for hardiness, this is an excellent sign.
  3. 10-12 ~ Capricorn creates strong stems. Get them planted before the Moon changes to Aquarius at 2:00pm (EDT). Aquarius is a very barren sign.
  4. 14-16 ~ Pisces is an extremely fertile sign.

Pansies are heavy feeders, so be sure to give them something to snack on when you plant them and then every two weeks. They should last well into the spring in Zone 8, provided there aren’t too many freezing nights.

If you’re thinking of using pansies in a container, they look fantastic with parsley. Together, they make a simple salad garden since you can eat the pansy flowers and the parsley. Keep your pansies organic if you plan on eating them and do make sure that the ones you get at the nursery have not been sprayed with insecticides.

5 thoughts on “Pansy Planting Time

  1. dirtynailz says:

    I love pansies but I don’t think I’ll be planting any this fall. Once my garden is put to bed, I turn my attention indoors to my houseplants, and especially my orchids.

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