Magickal Garden

Quick Tip, Waning Taurus in the Garden - Waning Moon in Taurus is an excellent time to get perennials in the ground. Trees and shrubs benefit from being planted in the cooler autumn season when heat won’t create stress for them. What magickal green helper could be a special addition to your garden?
Quick Tip, Pisces in the Garden - Fertilize plants and gardens while the Moon is in Pisces or give long, deep drinks of water to your green babies. Best time is in the waxing phase, before the Full Moon. Moon in Pisces is a reminder to use fish emulsion.
Bird of Paradise, Flower of Aquarius - Moon in Aquarius today has me thinking of exotically beautiful flowers of the zodiac.  More on Aquarius Flowers: The Wild and Wacky Aquarius Garden Decorating Tips for Aquarius
Holly, Plant of Saturn and Mars - Walking in my yard today, I stopped to take a look at a sprouting and very Saturnine holly bush that I cut back a few years ago. Weaving itself through the crisp thorny leaves was holly’s famous partner for the holiday season, ivy. For years, I’ve pulled the ivy and pulled the ivy which determinedly … Continue reading Holly, Plant of Saturn and Mars
Camellia, Flower of the Moon - The first camellia blooms of the season appeared in my garden this week—a delicate pink and white blossom and a classic red. They begin their season in December in my yard and last through March or April, depending on the severity of the winter. They brighten the  wintry days with their pops of color in … Continue reading Camellia, Flower of the Moon
Passion Flower, Flower of Leo and the Sun - When I first started outdoor gardening ~ after many years of being confined to a window box ~ I ferociously cut back every vine I couldn’t identify. Living next to a woody area invites all kinds of evil creepers so I just whacked away. I had no idea then that I was cheating myself out … Continue reading Passion Flower, Flower of Leo and the Sun
The Leo Garden - What gives the Leo garden the attention it deserves? Flowers in jewel tones, trees and herbs ruled by the Sun and Leo, and lions at the garden gate. A simple way to note a garden devoted to Leo is to attach a lion doorknocker to a post at the garden entrance or centered in a … Continue reading The Leo Garden
Autumn and Libra in the Lunar Home and Garden - The Autumnal Equinox arrives every year at exactly the moment the Sun enters Libra ~  usually September 20 or 21. We not only have a change of signs, but a change of seasons, as well. If you love Autumn as much as I do, this is a big day for you, too.
Transplant Perennials after the Harvest Moon - Here in the U.S., the Harvest Moon marks the season to begin transplanting our perennials and planting new bulbs. You may have already seen some spring bulbs at garden stores. It’s a great time to set out daffodils, dutch irises, hyacinths, and tulips. Winters are too warm in the south for tulips, but they can … Continue reading Transplant Perennials after the Harvest Moon
Pansy Planting Time - Here in Zone 8 the weather has started to cool a bit making it the best time to plant pansies. Plant too early, and the pansies have a hard time adapting. Here are the best days for October plantings during the waxing phase: 5-6 ~ The Moon in Libra makes it an auspicious time to … Continue reading Pansy Planting Time