Autumn and Libra in the Lunar Home and Garden

The Autumnal Equinox arrives every year at exactly the moment the Sun enters Libra ~  usually September 20 or 21. We not only have a change of signs, but a change of seasons, as well. If you love Autumn as much as I do, this is a big day for you, too.

We start seeing fall colors at this time of year. All the beautiful gold and orange leaves, pumpkins and other decorations take center stage. It’s my favorite season, and I usually rush a bit putting out my fall goodies. I love the season, though, and try to make it last as long as possible.

Decorating Tips for Libra

Color Palette for Libra

Color Palette for Libra

It would make sense to think that Libra’s colors are the same as the autumn colors, but they’re very different. The colors of Libra are shades of pink, blue, and even some pastel greens and lavender.

The palette to the right might get your creative juices flowing if you’d like to add a little Libra to your decorating theme.

Items in your home that fall under Libra’s domain are:

  • All types of visual art: paintings, sculpture, any decorative artwork
  • Boudoirs
  • Closets and wardrobes
  • Dressing rooms and dressing tables
  • Mirrors
  • Jewels and jewelry boxes
  • Anything made of copper
  • Floral arrangements
  • Luxurious furniture
  • Items made of rose quartz
  • Scales: decorative, kitchen, or bathroom scales

While the Sun or Moon are in Libra, purchase, repair, or clean any of these things.

Libra in the Garden

Libra rules all flowers. If you’d like the benefit of the Moon’s rays, plant during Libra for abundant flowers. This is also an excellent time to beautify your gardens. Adding pieces of garden art will add interest to your gardens while they are dormant in the winter months.

Libra’s flower is the rose. Rose quartz and lapis lazuli are crystals that have an affinity with Libra. The rose and rose quartz are symbols of love, while Lapis lazuli is the stone representing wisdom and good judgement.

Foods of Libra include apples, apricots, cherries, strawberries, sweets of all kinds, and lemon thyme. Think “elegant” when setting out the Libra table because Libra sensibilities will appreciate the beautiful presentation.

Autumn is apple picking time, so stay local and pick your own or buy them from your farmers’ market. Bake a pie, make some applesauce, or just enjoy the crunch of this fruit that has influenced the fate of Eve, Aphrodite, Paris, Helen of Troy, and ~ well, the whole human race, I suppose. It’s quite a remarkable fruit.

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