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Create a Recipe for Success with Capricorn - The New Moon in Capricorn sends the smell of success wafting through the air. What if it came in on angel's wings or like a gush of fresh, though freezing, air when you open the door on a cold winter's day. That's what today feels like to me.
Choosing Your Personal Symbols for the New Year - Sometimes things just come to us. We don’t ask for them. It’s just their time.
Divining the Season - I’ve discovered a way to bring all my favorite symbols of the season together with a tarot reading that will do several things at once. I enjoyed this reading process so much that I wanted to share it with you. The Moon is in Pisces today, making it a great day for a mini-retreat or … Continue reading Divining the Season
Moon Baskets - There are a few things I like to do on both the New and Full Moons that are totally and completely about taking care of me. An hour or two devoted to self-care on these very special days gives me something to look forward to twice a month AND it’s good for me, too.
Turquoise, Stone of Sagittarius - There’s a New Moon in Sagittarius today which made me think to wear my turquoise earrings. Turquoise is considered a star stone of Sagittarius, with topaz more commonly recognized as the birthstone of November.  Whether you’re a November or December born Sagittarian, this is your stone.
Home and Self-Care Tips for Virgo ~ Color | Redux - The post was originally written in April of 2012 and is always one of LH&G’s most popular posts. Since we’re entering Virgo today I thought I’d repost it. The effects of color on our psyche and mood is well documented. Perhaps there’s a clue or two about how using these colors in your home or … Continue reading Home and Self-Care Tips for Virgo ~ Color | Redux
Rosemary and Migraines - Rosemary, an herb of the Sun, is a culinary herb used regularly by people all over the world. Culpepper says, “It helps a weak memory, and quickens the senses.” Plant rosemary in the waning Moon phase during a fertile sign. I’ve dealt with migraines for as long as I can remember. They used to last three … Continue reading Rosemary and Migraines
Oh, My Aching Tooth - Remember Dustin Hoffman with the clove oil in Marathon Man? Now there’s a man with a tooth ache. My husband, Dave, has been having some tooth trouble recently. Trouble as in he shouts in pain when he puts food in his mouth. I mentioned to him that he might put some clove oil on it … Continue reading Oh, My Aching Tooth