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Free Printable: The Star Tarot Layout - The Star card is one of the most cherished cards in the tarot. Drawing it raises our spirits and brings renewed hope. It is the card associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius. Among the many things that Aquarius represents are our hopes and wishes for the future. I put together a set of journaling pages … Continue reading Free Printable: The Star Tarot Layout
Create a Recipe for Success with Capricorn - The New Moon in Capricorn sends the smell of success wafting through the air. What if it came in on angel's wings or like a gush of fresh, though freezing, air when you open the door on a cold winter's day. That's what today feels like to me.
Choosing Your Personal Symbols for the New Year - Sometimes things just come to us. We don’t ask for them. It’s just their time.
Divining the Season - I’ve discovered a way to bring all my favorite symbols of the season together with a tarot reading that will do several things at once. I enjoyed this reading process so much that I wanted to share it with you. The Moon is in Pisces today, making it a great day for a mini-retreat or … Continue reading Divining the Season
Moon Baskets - There are a few things I like to do on both the New and Full Moons that are totally and completely about taking care of me. An hour or two devoted to self-care on these very special days gives me something to look forward to twice a month AND it’s good for me, too.
Turquoise, Stone of Sagittarius - There’s a New Moon in Sagittarius today which made me think to wear my turquoise earrings. Turquoise is considered a star stone of Sagittarius, with topaz more commonly recognized as the birthstone of November.  Whether you’re a November or December born Sagittarian, this is your stone.
Home and Self-Care Tips for Virgo ~ Color | Redux - The post was originally written in April of 2012 and is always one of LH&G’s most popular posts. Since we’re entering Virgo today I thought I’d repost it. The effects of color on our psyche and mood is well documented. Perhaps there’s a clue or two about how using these colors in your home or … Continue reading Home and Self-Care Tips for Virgo ~ Color | Redux
Rosemary and Migraines - Rosemary, an herb of the Sun, is a culinary herb used regularly by people all over the world. Culpepper says, “It helps a weak memory, and quickens the senses.” Plant rosemary in the waning Moon phase during a fertile sign. I’ve dealt with migraines for as long as I can remember. They used to last three … Continue reading Rosemary and Migraines
Oh, My Aching Tooth - Remember Dustin Hoffman with the clove oil in Marathon Man? Now there’s a man with a tooth ache. My husband, Dave, has been having some tooth trouble recently. Trouble as in he shouts in pain when he puts food in his mouth. I mentioned to him that he might put some clove oil on it … Continue reading Oh, My Aching Tooth