Moon Baskets

There are a few things I like to do on both the New and Full Moons that are totally and completely about taking care of me. An hour or two devoted to self-care on these very special days gives me something to look forward to twice a month AND it’s good for me, too.

A few months ago I started keeping all my Moon goodies in a basket in easy reach. Now there’s no more fuss about finding this or that particular product. By keeping all these special Moon goodies in my Moon basket, there was no more digging through things at the last minute to frustrate me and spoil my mood.

Here are the things I keep in my basket:

Shampoo and Conditioner.  I have a special shampoo and conditioner that I use only twice a month. These are things I don’t want to use every day, but are helpful on occasion. A couple of years ago, I let my gray grow out. Now, at the New and Full Moon, I use a special shampoo and conditioner to perk up the gray and make the silver shinier.

Facials. To stay in tune with the Moon, we nourish and moisturize our skin during the waxing phase and cleanse and exfoliate during the waning phase. This is in addition to any daily routines you have specific to your skin. I love different kinds of facials, so I always have a few around, but I keep a special moisturizing and a special cleansing facial mask in the basket for use at the New and Full Moons. Setting them aside as “special” adds a little magic to this beauty treatment.

moon-basketCandles and Matches. I have a special jar candle that I use at the New Moon sometimes. I get sentimental about those kinds of things, so I don’t let it burn away completely. I reuse it every once in a while, a little bit at a time. This keeps me ahead of the game, and I’m not scrambling at the last minute to find the right color candle for each Moon. I like  using matches to light my candles instead of a lighter. I love the spark and the scent that rises with each strike.

Essential Oils. I have several oils on hand that I can mix at the last minute to suit my mood, but it’s nice to keep a staple in the basket. Lavender is always relaxing. In my New Moon Work Book, I list a few oils that are associated with the sign of the New Moon.  You can use one of those or choose your own. Your personal choices are best to connect with the energy of the oils. Scented candles or incense are good options, too.

Those are the basics. You could add a Moon journal or a special CD to play during a Moon bath. I think I’ll write a Moon affirmation and keep that in the basket, too. Seeing it peeking out from the Moon basket will keep me connected to the affirmation. There are lots of things you could keep in yours. The most important thing is that your Moon basket include things that are special to you.

You might want to make yours prettier than the one I keep, too. It’s very serviceable, but not especially attractive. Even so, I’ve grown quite fond of it.

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