Books for the Moon Gardener

These are my favorite books for gardening with the Moon. If you have a book that you’re especially fond of, I’d love to know about it. Use the comments section to make your recommendations.

Planetary Planting and Astrological Gardening by Louise Riotte

riotte both

Louise Riotte’s books gave me my first real taste of gardening with the Moon. Not only was she an amazing gardener, she was also a true believer in astrology. She contributed many articles to Llewellyn’s Moon Signs books through the years.

She “got it,” you know?

I have other books by Riotte, but these are the treasures in my gardening library.

Garden by the Moon by Suzanne Summer.

I love this wonderful book by New Zealander Suzanne Summer. It’s available as an ebook download from both lulu ($3.00) and itunes ($3.99). How can you beat that price?! Catch a preview from Google Books.

Author’s description:
A book for experienced or beginner gardeners who wish to learn how to use the moon cycles to obtain maximum success in their garden. Tables of the moon’s phases as well as its position in the zodiac are provided to the year 2015.
The book has a comfortable, chatty feel ~ almost as though you’re sitting with Suzanne and shooting the breeze. It’s very informative and extremely readable.

Month-by-Month Gardening in Georgia by Walter Reeves and Erica Glasener

Month-by-Month Gardening in Georgia: Revised Edition: What to Do Each Month to Have a Beautiful Garden All Year

This book is so helpful. Divided into sections such as annuals, edibles, perennials, roses, lawns and so on, it gives great timing tips on when to do what in the yard and garden. Each of these sections is then divided into things to do each month. There are also lots of tips on tools, the best plants for the region, soil conditioning, and garden planning.If you’re new to the area or just starting out as a gardener, this book is indispensable. It will get you in rhythm with Georgia’s weather and growing cycles. Fortunately, it’s written for middle Georgia Zone 8a which is my area. If you live in north or south Georgia, timing may have to be adjusted by a couple of weeks. Highly recommended!

It seem that these month-by-month guides are available for every state. Check Amazon or your local library or nurseries for a copy. Visit Walter Reeve’s site here.



Everyone needs an almanac. (Well, maybe not if you use my Zodiactivities calendar.)

There are quite a few almanacs on the market. So how do you choose one? I have two on my desk now ~ The Old Farmers’ Almanac and Blum’s Farmer’s and Planter’s Almanac. In other years I’ve used the Farmers’ Almanac, as well as almanacs from other publishers. Each of the almanacs named here use the tropical zodiac, offer the monthly tables, and have a nice selection of articles. Blum’s almanac is a little larger in size, which my tired eyes appreciate.

Sometimes local nurseries and feed stores offer free almanacs to their customers. Check your local stores to see what they have in stock.