Welcome Moon Followers

Welcome to The Lunar Home and Garden where you’ll find home, gardening, and self-care tips that are in sync with the rhythms of the Moon.

The tips gathered here are throwbacks to when our grandfathers and grandmothers checked the daily almanac to find the best dates for chores around the home or barnyard. The tips here are brought up to date for city dwellers and backyard gardeners.

You’ll also find the symbolism of common household objects, flowers, and events—like plumbing disasters—that resonate to the energies of the planets and signs. I’ll let you know the best time to water your houseplants, clean out your fridge, or other household chores that don’t take up tons of time. Best days for balancing your checkbook, writing to your Aunt Bertha, and socializing are noted, too.

Even if all you have is a potted plant on the fire escape, you can still benefit from following age-old recommendations. Getting and staying in sync with the Moon puts you in the flow. You’ll develop a feeling for right timing in the home, garden, and self-care.

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  1. Wendy says:

    Thank you. Finally everything in one spot! Now I don’t have to check three books to find out when to clean the bathrooms and take time out to watch a few movies. How exciting. Much appreciated. Well done.


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