The “Secrets”

Have you ever seen one of those almanac calendars that have an odd word on each day’s listing? The calendars usually mark sun rising and setting, moon rising and setting, and best fishing days. They also say things like:

the feet
the bowels
the head

the secrets

Those words actually refer to parts of the body associated with zodiac signs. Even as a little girl I knew what feet and bowels were, although I had no idea what Virgo meant. But what were “the secrets?” This somewhat intriguing and puritanical phrase refers to the sexual organs of the human body. Some almanacs and calendars prefer the to use “the loins.” If you’ve gotten to know any Scorpios, though, you know that they’re quite secretive, too.

Here are the twelve signs of the zodiac and the parts of the body they are related to. Starting with Aries, the first sign, representing the head, we move down the body till we reach Pisces, the feet. Calendars vary in their use of the body part’s name. Alternate words are in parentheses.

Aries Ram Head (Face)
Taurus Bull Neck (Throat)
Gemini Twins Arms
Cancer Crab Breast
Leo Lion Heart
Virgo Virgin Bowels
Libra Scales Kidneys (Reins)
Scorpio Scorpion Secrets (Loins)
Sagittarius Archer Thighs
Capricorn Sea Goat Knees
Aquarius Water Bearer Legs
Pisces Fish Feet

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