Create a Recipe for Success with Capricorn

New Moon in Capricorn
January 16, 2018

The New Moon in Capricorn sends the smell of success wafting through the air. What if it came in on angel’s wings or like a gush of fresh, though freezing, air when you open the door on a cold winter’s day.

That’s what today feels like to me.


Recipes for the Soul cards

I have this little box of cards called Recipes for the Soul. Each card has a quote and an inspirational message with “ingredients” for what you’ll need to accomplish whatever it is the card addresses. I haven’t opened that box in AGES, but today…well, it’s all about synchronicity.

The first card I pulled is titled “Aim High.” It has this quote on it:

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.” (Les Brown)

OK. That’s auspicious. I am focused on tomorrow’s New Moon, after all.

Then the next card. “Be Industrious” with the quote:

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” (Thomas Edison)

Hold on! It’s a Capricorn New Moon. Message received. Loud and clear.

Two other cards echoed the message: “Success over Time” and “Older Yet Wiser”

How much more Capricorn can you get?!?! Industrious, work, success, time, older. Wiser will come after the hard work, I hope.

[I can’t find these cards online anywhere. Published in 2003, they came in packs and were delivered once a month in the mail. They seem to have disappeared.]

The Recipe

The “ingredients” needed to make this recipe for Capricorn New Moon success?

  • Effort
  • Elbow Grease
  • Hope
  • Risk
  • Wishes

That sounds like a Capricorn success story to me. I’ll need every one of them to get my New Moon project going strong.

And then what?

I have the inspiration, the recipe for success, and a New Moon in Capricorn just waiting to help me. I have my project in mind. It will ABSOLUTELY require some elbow grease. I’ve been dreading tackling this job. There’s just too much stuff to deal with, but what better time than now?

What’s for Dessert

Capricorn Blessing Salt

I came across a recipe for a prosperity powder that I’m going to whip up with a little kitchen witchery, and I have a link to Capricorn Blessing Salt that I published on Auntie Moon.

If you’re like me, you’d like some prosperity to come from your efforts. Prosperity takes many forms, not just money.

Here’s a standard recipe for a prosperity powder. Measurements aren’t given, so I’m guessing 1 part of each in equal measure.

  • Sassafras
  • Cinnamon
  • Pine
  • Basil

Grind them all into a fine powder and sprinkle around your workspace or home. Sassafras sounds exotic, but it’s a spice used regularly in cajun and creole cooking. It’s also called filet and is an important ingredient in filet gumbo. You might be more familiar with it as that special ingredient that gives root beer its distinctive flavor.

Here’s a label from my Magickal Herb and Spice Labels in case you have some in your cupboard and would like to keep its magickal properties handy. Click on the label to download and print. Cut the label out after printing, wrap it around your spice jar, and tape it to secure.

Happy New Moon in Capricorn, and here’s to your great success!

4 thoughts on “Create a Recipe for Success with Capricorn

  1. Sherry says:

    Isn’t it great when it all falls into place? Just love it. Thanks for the inspiration of pulling something out that you haven’t in a long time, just at the right time!

  2. Cynthia Drummond says:

    This is off topic, CJ but I couldn’t help noticing your fab succulent garden. Do you grow it outside? Mine is so leggy this time of year.

    • CJ Wright says:

      I wish I could claim it, but it’s a pic shared from Pinterest. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? I did grow a very similar one outside a few years back that was gorgeous all summer, but the squirrels liked it even more than I did and consumed most of it before I was able to bring it in for the winter. LOL! I grew it in a very flat dish, a big terra cotta saucer and kept it in a semi shady spot. The plants could get leggy, though, and pinching didn’t help. Maybe the best bet is to keep replacing the tiny plants. Oy!

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