Sagittarius Linen Spray for Prophetic Dreams

The Moon in Sagittarius is in the Balsamic phase today, an auspicious phase for rest and letting go of what no longer serves. It is also the dream time of the lunar cycle. Sagittarius and its ruler, Jupiter, are the prophets of the zodiac. Under these two auspicious conditions, I blended a Prophetic Dream Linen Spray to bring dreams of what may come. It can be used anytime, but I blended it especially for use in dreaming for the New Moon in Capricorn on December 29, 2016.

dream-1804598_640Prophetic Dreams Linen Spray

  • 10 drops Grapefruit (relaxing)
  • 10 drops Lavender (calming)
  • 10 drops Basil (comforting)
  • 5 drops Clary Sage (relieves emotional tension)
  • 1 oz. vodka or alcohol
  • 1/2 oz distilled water

Blend in a 2 oz. spray bottle. Do not spray on skin as grapefruit and basil can cause photosensitivity. Keep away from children and pets.

This blend is best if sits for a couple of weeks to allow the aroma to mature.

Moon Baskets

There are a few things I like to do on both the New and Full Moons that are totally and completely about taking care of me. An hour or two devoted to self-care on these very special days gives me something to look forward to twice a month AND it’s good for me, too.

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Bird of Paradise, Flower of Aquarius

Moon in Aquarius today has me thinking of exotically beautiful flowers of the zodiac.


 More on Aquarius Flowers:

Sunset House Blessing for the Full Moon in Leo

House blessings have a long history. They’re performed by many cultures and religions as housewarmings, but can be performed at any time. The blessing is to protect the house and ensure fruitfulness, health, love, and prosperity for those who live there. Often a religious leader performs the blessing, but you can do this yourself, adapting the blessing to your personal needs and belief system.

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Magickal Space Clearing with Virgo

With a meditation on space clearing with Virgo.

There are plenty of methods online for space clearing, but a very basic one is to simply take your broom and sweep the bad stuff right out the door. It’s a fantastic thing to do at the end of the year or before you begin anything new. And what better sign to do it under than Virgo? Continue reading

Holly, Plant of Saturn and Mars

Walking in my yard today, I stopped to take a look at a sprouting and very Saturnine holly bush that I cut back a few years ago. Weaving itself through the crisp thorny leaves was holly’s famous partner for the holiday season, ivy. For years, I’ve pulled the ivy and pulled the ivy which determinedly returns again and again, but today—in honor of the holiday season and their special place in it—I left this pair to carry on their legendary affair.

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Turquoise, Stone of Sagittarius

There’s a New Moon in Sagittarius today which made me think to wear my turquoise earrings. Turquoise is considered a star stone of Sagittarius, with topaz more commonly recognized as the birthstone of November.  Whether you’re a November or December born Sagittarian, this is your stone.

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Camellia, Flower of the Moon

The first camellia blooms of the season appeared in my garden this week—a delicate pink and white blossom and a classic red. They begin their season in December in my yard and last through March or April, depending on the severity of the winter. They brighten the  wintry days with their pops of color in an otherwise dreary landscape. Continue reading

Tip for Moon in Sagittarius ~ Altars and Shrines

Jupiter is associated with all things of a religious nature ~ the clergy, religious texts, priests and priestesses, altars and shrines. Moon in Sagittarius days are especially well-suited to working on personal altars or shrines you may have in your home or garden. Continue reading