Aries Moon Water, Hot & Spicy Oil, and Blessing Salt

Happy Full Moon in Aries! Oh, the goodies we can make with some Full Moon Blessings ~ Moon Water, Hot & Spicy Oil, and Blessing Salt, all supercharged under the dynamic Aries Moon.

The Aries Full Moon is an annual event for me because I make hot & spicy oil and charge it just like I would Moon Water.

Does the Aries Moon give it an extra kick? I think it does.

Aries Moon Water

For an all purpose Moon Water, set a capped container of water outside in the moonlight. You may wish to say something to bless the water, or just stick it out there to soak up some good Aries Moon rays. It’s your Moon Water and your magick.

Charge spring water to brew gun powder, rooibos, or chai tea.

If you are using spring water, you can use it when making your own facial toner. (Charge witch hazel for this purpose, too.) Do a search for your skin type to find the right recipe for you. You can also use Aries Moon Water to make a steam facial.

Charge some distilled water to use in your steam iron or for making a spray to clean your stove or grills. Put a little magick in your elbow grease and use it for scrubbing your fireplace before the weather turns too cold. (Oh, happy day!)

Hot & Spicy Aries Oil

Do you love spicy food? This is a super oil to have on hand for sauteing. Use it in place of regular olive oil to give your dishes a little Aries fire.

This is so easy. Add pepper flakes to a bottle of olive oil and let it sit to work it’s magick for a week or so.

Use any kind and amount of pepper flakes you like ~ the kind everyone sprinkles on pizza or something with an extra kick, like Thai pepper flakes. You can approach this in two ways: 1) charge a bottle of olive oil and add the pepper flakes later or 2) add the flakes to the oil and set the mixture out in the moonlight. If you go with the second approach, you’ll have to pour off some of the oil to make room for the flakes. I like a lot of flakes, so I pour off roughly a third of the oil in my bottle. I just pour it into another bottle of olive oil I’ve been using.

If you like sauteed broccoli, use the Aries oil for an added kick. I throw in some lemongrass and a little butter, too. I let that heat up and add a little water to make a gravy/sauce, then toss in the broccoli and flash saute it over a high heat. Broccoli is a plant of the Moon, by the way.

This oil is great over pasta.

Aries Blessing Salt

I’m always grateful to the Penniless Pagan for turning me on to Blessing Salt. You can use it for magickal purposes or, if you stick to edible additions, you can use it for cooking. Here are a few suggestions, by no means an exhaustive list. Aries Blessing Salt can be used when you want to muster up some courage or need a boost of self-confidence.

Aries Additions for Blessing Salts

Edible Herbs and Spices: black pepper, pepper flakes, cayenne, ginger, dry mustard or mustard seeds, smoked paprika, smoked seasonings, cumin, curry, garlic, onion, coriander, mustard. Ready-made onion salt or garlic salt would make a good base or addition.

Non-Edible Additions:

Crystals and Gems: diamonds, red stones in general, fire opal, iron pyrite, lodestone, lava rock; to calm Aries energy ~ amethysts, rose quartz.

Charms: rams, foxes, Aries glyph ♈️, the glyph for Mars ♂, little daggers, any charms made of iron, skulls, nose rings

Essential Oils: (never consume essential oils!) Black pepper, ginger, coriander

Plants/Flowers: Thorns, thistle, tobacco, thorny leaves such as holly,

Happy Full Moon in Aries! Make some magick!Save















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