Quick Tip, Waning Taurus in the Garden

Waning Moon in Taurus is an excellent time to get perennials in the ground. Trees and shrubs benefit from being planted in the cooler autumn season when heat won’t create stress for them. What magickal green helper could be a special addition to your garden?

It’s also a good time to transplant perennial herbs. I’m transplanting some sage and tarragon from my garden to pots and moving them near my back door just to make them easier to get to.

Tip for Indoor gardeners: a small bay tree can be quite happy in a sunny spot. I keep mine in my sunny kitchen “bay window.” 🙂

Moon is in Taurus from 7:56pm Oct 6 through 9:45pm Oct 8, 2017 giving weekend gardeners plenty of time to prep and plant.







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