Oh, My Aching Tooth

Remember Dustin Hoffman with the clove oil in Marathon Man? Now there’s a man with a tooth ache.

My husband, Dave, has been having some tooth trouble recently. Trouble as in he shouts in pain when he puts food in his mouth. I mentioned to him that he might put some clove oil on it to ease the pain, but he was reluctant.

The other night, he woke me from a deep sleep and whispered, “Where’s that clove oil you said you have?” He was in excruciating pain.

The next day he reported that the pain stopped immediately after using the oil and he was still pain-free. He’s used it a couple of nights now and it has made a huge difference. Today he complained that his inner lip felt a little irritated. Yep! That will definitely happen. Add a drop to a cotton ball and place the cotton ball on your tooth instead of applying the oil directly, or add 1-2 drops of olive oil to the clove oil to lessen the chance of irritation.


Cloves in flower

You might think that the clove tree and its buds belong to Mars because they’re quite spicy, but they actually belong to Jupiter.

In general, teeth are assigned to Saturn and Capricorn with a couple of further distinctions. The upper teeth are Aries-ruled and the bottom teeth are Taurus-ruled. I’ve observed that most tooth trouble comes with Saturn. In dream symbolism, tooth trouble can mean a variety of things but generally means that there’s something wrong with the structure or foundation of our life. Perhaps its changing or is threatened in some way. Each dreamer dreams a different dream, so keep this in mind with all dream symbolism.

Keep a small bottle of high quality clove oil on hand to treat tooth aches until you get to your dentist, and do remember to be very cautious with it.

“Clove oil is antibacterial, antiseptic, and analgesic and is a good oil
for the prevention of disease and infection.”
Valerie Ann Worwood
The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy


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