Clove, Spice of Jupiter and Fire

Merry Christmas! Just a moment ago, I was preparing the Christmas ham. I do the whole thing with cloves and coca-cola (very southern) and it's always fun and delicious. When I opened the bottle of whole cloves, I was overcome with the fantastic aroma. It's a new bottle, so the fragrance was out of this … Continue reading Clove, Spice of Jupiter and Fire

Gladiola, Flower of Jupiter

I'm a fan of all the old-fashioned flowers ~ including the often overlooked gladiola ~ and endure the long wait from corm to bloom of these magnificent, showy, over-the-top flowers. I'd venture to say that glads are not just a flower of Jupiter, but a flower of Jupiter in Leo. They put on quite a … Continue reading Gladiola, Flower of Jupiter