Bird of Paradise, Flower of Aquarius

Moon in Aquarius today has me thinking of exotically beautiful flowers of the zodiac.


 More on Aquarius Flowers:

Camellia, Flower of the Moon

The first camellia blooms of the season appeared in my garden this week—a delicate pink and white blossom and a classic red. They begin their season in December in my yard and last through March or April, depending on the severity of the winter. They brighten the  wintry days with their pops of color in an otherwise dreary landscape. Continue reading

The Leo Garden

What gives the Leo garden the attention it deserves? Flowers in jewel tones, trees and herbs ruled by the Sun and Leo, and lions at the garden gate. A simple way to note a garden devoted to Leo is to attach a lion doorknocker to a post at the garden entrance or centered in a grand display of flowers and herbs ruled by the Sun.

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Rosemary and Migraines

Rosemary, an herb of the Sun, is a culinary herb used regularly by people all over the world. Culpepper says, “It helps a weak memory, and quickens the senses.” Plant rosemary in the waning Moon phase during a fertile sign.

I’ve dealt with migraines for as long as I can remember. They used to last three days, but now they’re down to one. A few weeks ago, I had a little garden miracle with rosemary that I want to share with you. Continue reading

Autumn and Libra in the Lunar Home and Garden

The Autumnal Equinox arrives every year at exactly the moment the Sun enters Libra ~  usually September 20 or 21. We not only have a change of signs, but a change of seasons, as well. If you love Autumn as much as I do, this is a big day for you, too. Continue reading

Transplant Perennials after the Harvest Moon

Here in the U.S., the Harvest Moon marks the season to begin transplanting our perennials and planting new bulbs. You may have already seen some spring bulbs at garden stores. It’s a great time to set out daffodils, dutch irises, hyacinths, and tulips. Winters are too warm in the south for tulips, but they can be grown indoors in the spring.

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Moon in Aries

March 29, 9:55pm ~ April 1, 1:20am

This is a mixed period for the Aries Moon. It is waning through the 30th, New at exactly 2:48pm on the 30th, and is waxing from that moment until 1:20am on April 1st.

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Waning Moon in Pisces

Pisces days, in general, have a sensitive, ethereal feel to them. Overall, Pisces days are good for spending some time in solitude. Finding some alone time just might help you process the feelings or vibes you’ve picked up while engaging in your everyday activities.

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Waning Moon in Capricorn

We’re in the waning phase, which is the time of release after the Full Moon. In the home and for our self, it’s time to detox and eliminate. The skin and bones are the parts of the body associated with Capricorn, making this the right time for a good exfoliating or cleansing facial. Capricorn is an earth sign, so use a clay mask if you have one to refresh those pores. Check your calcium supply.

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