Moon in Aries

March 29, 9:55pm ~ April 1, 1:20am

This is a mixed period for the Aries Moon. It is waning through the 30th, New at exactly 2:48pm on the 30th, and is waxing from that moment until 1:20am on April 1st.

Check your mood on Aries days. I find I get a little cranky sometimes. Knowing it will pass in a day helps me get past it with less effort.

It’s best not to plant or fertilize on the day of the New Moon. It’s a day of rest in the garden. You can use the time for clean-up chores and attending to your garden tools, especially if you decide to sharpen or polish them. Do that during the waxing hours of this Aries Moon.

New Moon in Aries Mini-Ritual

At some point on the day of the New Moon (March 30th), light a flame. It doesn’t have to be big ~ a simple votive or tea light candle will do. Use a candle in your garden if you want to be outside, or light torches if you have them.

While the flame is lit, name the flame for the one thing inside your heart that you can call Spirit. Spend a few minutes in gratitude for this gift that sustains you when all else fails. It’s your source, your inner flame. When you are ready, extinguish the fire, but continue to carry the flame in your heart.

Zodiactivities for the New Moon in Aries

These are some activities that are attuned to Aries energy. They are good activities for any time that the Sun or Moon are in Aries.

  • Do some brain exercises
  • Refresh your eyes
  • Assess your temperament
  • Start at least some of your days by watching the Sun rise
  • Walk in with confidence
  • Indulge yourself with a facial
  • Wrestle with and conquer a personal demon
  • Take a martial arts or dance lesson
  • Go to battle for the things you believe in
  • Buy cutlery
  • Light a fire under something that’s gone cold
  • Settle a feud
  • Polish your metal objects
  • Look people in the eye to make real contact with them
  • Manage your anger