Waning Moon in Pisces

Pisces days, in general, have a sensitive, ethereal feel to them. Overall, Pisces days are good for spending some time in solitude. Finding some alone time just might help you process the feelings or vibes you’ve picked up while engaging in your everyday activities.

During waning Pisces, look for a way to let go of any nagging emotional discomfort, especially if you can’t put your finger on the real reason the discomfort is hanging on you. Escape can be a good thing. Indulge in your favorite movie, a conversation with a good friend, something that soothes your soul and takes your mind off any icky thoughts.

These are the dark of the Moon days preceding the New Moon in Aries on the 30th, the best days for forming your New Moon wishes and intentions.

Pisces has an association with music. While you’re listening to your faves, you might find it uplifting to organize your albums and cds, or even put together a new playlist for your iPod. Let the music play!


Waning Pisces is a 3 Moon Day, great for:

  • Fertilizing and deep watering (don’t forget the fish emulsion)
  • Planting bare root roses, strawberries, and asparagus
  • Inspecting your rain gauge, if you use one, to make sure it’s clean and isn’t leaking
  • Adding a small water feature inside your home, or on the deck or porch

My kitty, Blue, has her own water fountain which she adores. It’s just like the one pictured, a little lighted water feature thingy. We have a routine that we go through every time I change the water. It always ends with her doing her water dance, pawing the ground before taking a drink. It’s our special time together.

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