Waning Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius is associated with the legs, shins, and ankles. I had a rather sedentary winter, and I noticed that my calves are really tight. If you had a sedentary winter, too, try some stretches to get your legs back in shape for the warmer months. Stand on your tip toes and reach for the high shelves.

Air filters and ceiling fans can get really dusty in the winter months. (Aquarius is associated with heat pumps, as well as air conditioners.) Make a regular habit of changing filters or cleaning fans with the Aquarius Moon.1sun

List of Iberian butterflies

Monarch on milkweed/butterfly weed

Waning Aquarius is a Sun Day in the  1, 2, or 3 Moon Day system. Use these days to:

  • Stake tall plants to prevent drooping
  • Get a head start on weeds that are popping up in the warmer climates
  • Lay mulch
  • Plan a butterfly or hummingbird garden

I had a nice visit from Monarch butterflies last year. They loved the milkweed  in the garden. They also laid eggs on my parsley, which was quickly devoured by the emerging caterpillars. I brought a pot of lovage and cutting celery in pots to them just in case they’d feed on them. This year, I plan on having more parsley (Mercury/Virgo) than any sane person could imagine. But the harvest should be awesome. 😉