Waning Moon in Capricorn

We’re in the waning phase, which is the time of release after the Full Moon. In the home and for our self, it’s time to detox and eliminate. The skin and bones are the parts of the body associated with Capricorn, making this the right time for a good exfoliating or cleansing facial. Capricorn is an earth sign, so use a clay mask if you have one to refresh those pores. Check your calcium supply.

Use a good leather cleaner on furniture to remove winter dust and grime.


A Forsythia shrub

A Forsythia shrub (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Waning Capricorn is a 2 Moon Day, superior for:

  • Planting and transplanting bulbs, corms, and rhizomes to produce hardy foliage. Excellent for potatoes.
  • Pruning forsythia, quince, and other early blooming shrubbery.
  • Pruning dead limbs and stems from broadleaf evergreen trees, except birch, maple, and red-tips.
  • Taking a survey of the trees on your property. Learn about The Homeowner’s Role in Maintaining the Urban Forest. This survey is intense, but you’ll have a complete understanding of the health of all your trees if you do it.
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