Waning Moon in Pisces

Pisces days, in general, have a sensitive, ethereal feel to them. Overall, Pisces days are good for spending some time in solitude. Finding some alone time just might help you process the feelings or vibes you’ve picked up while engaging in your everyday activities.

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Gardening Calendar for August

August 2013 gardening calendarHow’s your garden growing? Here in middle Georgia, it’s very bizarre. We should be scalding hot with a need to water every single day. Most days in my area are in the mid-80’s and I can’t remember the last time I had to pull the hose out to water my garden.

It has been so wet that there’s a wintry feel to it because I mostly watch my garden from inside my house. What a strange summer.

For those of you who are still able to garden, here’s a lunar calendar for August. The daily Moon sign is in the right hand corner of each calendar day box. (Click the calendar to open to a full-size pdf.)

If there are two signs, it means that the Moon changes sign on that day. The time of the change is listed below the sign glyphs. The time noted is EDT, so adjust accordingly.

New and Full Moons and waxing and waning cycles are clearly marked.

Lunar Home and Garden Tips for May 14-20, 2012

Times noted are EDT.

In the garden this week:

  • Best planting times for biennials are during Pisces and Taurus. Save annuals for after the New Moon.
  • Best Days for pest control and general maintenance are during Aries.
  • All days are good for pruning.

Pisces  Moon in PISCES on Monday and most of Tuesday is the best time this week to fertilize your garden. Don’t forget your house and patio plants! It’s a good habit to change up your fertilizers once in a while. Keep a bottle of fish emulsion on hand for fertilizing during Pisces. Just makes sense, right? And easy to remember.

If you’re already in the habit of photographing your garden monthly, Pisces is an excellent time to get your shots. This is also an excellent time to tend to your water features ~ fountains, pools, koi ponds, wells, and birdbaths.

Gardeners often think of their entire garden as their sanctuary. Do you have a special part of your garden that feels more “sacred” than others? Spend some time in that part of your garden daily to connect with spirit. If you don’t have a designated garden sanctuary already, just pick your favorite spot. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top or even noticeable to your garden visitors. It could be a swing or a statue of St. Francis, Mary, or Quan Yin tucked into a bed or corner. In the long run, your garden sanctuary doesn’t require any kind of garden ornament at all. It’s what the space evokes in you that makes it sacred. Continue reading

Lunar Gardening Tips for May 5-13, 2012


Times noted are EDT.

I’m making a slight adjustment to the weekly calendar, starting it on Monday now. That gives weekend gardeners all the lunar info you need in one post. I’m playing a little catch-up with this post by including the weekend of May 5-6th.

Scorpio_thumb[3]We awake to the Moon in Scorpio on Saturday where it stays until very late Sunday. Here’s a little something to keep in mind ~ the Moon in Scorpio is waxing on Saturday before it’s full, but waning on Sunday. If you’re setting out annuals, do that on Saturday. Sunday the Moon changes to the waxing phase, so turn your attention to perennials. Scorpio is a very fruitful sign (second only to Cancer) so the weekend is perfectly suited to all kinds of gardening tasks. It’s helpful to have both waxing and waning hours to make the most of the weekend. Some folks won’t plant on the Full Moon at all. Use your sound judgment on this one. If the weekend is the only time you have, take advantage of it.

SagittariusBy 9:40pm on Sunday the Moon leaves Scorpio to enter the dry, barren sign of Sagittarius. With the lushness of the season, there are plenty of things to turn your attention to for the next couple of days. Check for aphids, spider mites, and scale. You can use a commercial insecticidal soap (which gets expensive) or you can make your own and save enough money to buy another plant. All you need is a pure liquid soap and some vegetable oil. Adding garlic and pepper helps, too. Here’s a recipe from Organic Gardening Web. Camellias and gardenias are extremely prone to scale. If that icky, sticky scale is the problem, you probably need a full attack. Here’s a good resource on how to get it back in control. Continue reading

Lunar Gardening Tips for April 29 – May 5, 2012


The waxing phase continues through the Full Moon on Saturday, but with only a few really good planting days. Best days are May 3-5. Exclude the 5th if you don’t like planting on the Full Moon.

Leo and Virgo are barren signs, best for general cleanup, weeding, pest riddance, and the like, though I prefer to get rid of things when the Moon is in the waning phase. The waning phase signifies release, so it just makes sense.

Leo1_thumb[2]Last week I mentioned focusing on the star of your garden and adding garden decorations while the Moon is in the royal sign of Leo. I picked up a fantastic garden ornament from a local nursery that I adore. It’s a gazing ball with moon and star cutouts, perfect for a lunar gardener or a moon garden. It can be used just as a gazing ball, but a candle can be placed underneath it for nighttime use. It casts beautiful dancing moon and star shapes when a candle is placed inside, making quite a fanciful centerpiece for outdoor dining. I kept it outside for a while, but I love it so much that I’ve brought it back indoors.

Did you know that Leo is associated with the back? If you need to get your “back forty” prepped for planting during a fertile sign, Leo is a good time to do just that. Leo is a dry, barren sign, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless. If you’re setting something in Quikrete (that fast setting concrete), use the fiery force of Leo to help it set well. Make your own garden stepping stones using Quikrete and personalize them. Check out the video below to learn how. Continue reading

Lunar Gardening Tips for April 22-28, 2012

Sunday brings us the waxing Moon in Taurus, one of the most fertile signs for planting, starting seeds, and transplanting. The waxing phase is perfect for annuals of all kinds ~ flowers or seasonal veggies. There’s a lushness that is always burgeoning in the south while the Sun is in Taurus. The greens are deep and rich. Leaves and vines are thick and heavy.

If you like a sparse garden that’s very manicured, Taurus may be your nemesis. You may be endlessly whacking away at what feels like unmanageable growth.

The month of Taurus is one of my favorites. It’s not too hot here in Zone 8 yet and everything looks so healthy and rich. The air is clean and clear and the grass has greened up. Gorgeous!

Sunday is also Earth Day. Do something special this year. Add a compost pile to your yard or invest in a small composter. I was lucky to receive a composter from a friend who had one too many. Hard to believe, I know.

You don’t have to pay a lot for a composter. In fact, you can make one from a plastic garbage can. I have a dear friend who swears by this type of composter. It’s cheap to make and is also a good gardening project. Forget fancy-schmancy. Check out this video on how to make one from P. Allen Smith. Continue reading

Zodiactivities for April 15-21, 2012

Focus of the Week: Spring Cleaning

We finish out the weekend on Sunday with the Moon in Aquarius. It’s time to think about the future. If you could invest in something “newfangled” that would make caring for your home easier, what would it be? Oh, forget that. You don’t really need a new gadget. Just think about something you can do now that will make the future better. Forward thinking. Ahead of your time. That’s Aquarius! Make the change now.

I mentioned in last week’s tips that Aquarius is connected to air conditioning and heat pumps. If you’re supposed to change your air filters monthly but forget, change them during Aquarius.

The Moon moves into Pisces early, early Monday morning staying through midday Wednesday. These are excellent days to pay attention to aquariums, your pool (if you’re lucky enough to have one, invite me over), your home bar, and your cameras and video equipment. Photographers take note! Charge your camera batteries. Continue reading

Lunar Gardening Tips for April 15-21, 2012

If you would like to have an expanded version of activities for each Moon sign, subscribe to my lunar home and garden tips on examiner.com.

The Moon continues to wane in the 4th Quarter until the New Moon on Saturday. Energy is focused in the roots, pulling effort toward root growth and stabilization.

The Moon is in Aquarius on Monday, so continue with chores and activities started on Saturday. Pruning and general garden clean up are good bets, along with outdoor entertaining. Aquarius is a social sign. Have some fun!

If you’re wondering about Aquarian plants, check out The Wild and Wacky Aquarian Garden for some suggestions on how to fit them into your home and garden.

The Moon is in fertile Pisces on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning.  These are the last few fertile planting days before the New Moon. In the waning phase, think perennials and biennials. In Pisces, think water gardens, plants with intoxicating scents or salt tolerant plants that grow near the ocean such as marsh grasses and the gorgeous rosa rugosa, one of my absolute favorites, pictured above. Continue reading

Lunar Gardening Tips for April 8-14, 2012

The Moon is on the wane changing the focus from rising energy to downward energy. Shift your gardening focus to the root systems of plants and to pruning.

We are officially in the 3rd quarter now with a focus on perennials and biennials. If you’ve been wanting to divide that mass of day lilies, society garlic, or monkey grass, now’s the time! You can plant or repot new perennials in your garden during this Moon quarter because they are essentially root plants. When buying perennials, take a look at the roots. That’s where your investment is.

Here are this week’s moon sign and phase changes. Times are EDT.

zodiactivities april 8-14 2012

Sunday rounds out the weekend in fertile Scorpio.  Scorpio’s colors are deep reds, maroon, deep purples, and black. Irises are in the nurseries now. If you’d like to add a touch of this intensely passionate sign to your garden, consider Black Irises (if you can find them) or deep purple elephant ears. A few perennials associated with Scorpio through it’s planetary ruler, Mars, are garlic, ginger, radishes and horseradish, reeds, thistle, and Artemisia (wormwood/mugwort). Wormwood adds a soft silvery green texture to the garden. Continue reading