Lunar Gardening Tips for April 15-21, 2012

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The Moon continues to wane in the 4th Quarter until the New Moon on Saturday. Energy is focused in the roots, pulling effort toward root growth and stabilization.

The Moon is in Aquarius on Monday, so continue with chores and activities started on Saturday. Pruning and general garden clean up are good bets, along with outdoor entertaining. Aquarius is a social sign. Have some fun!

If you’re wondering about Aquarian plants, check out The Wild and Wacky Aquarian Garden for some suggestions on how to fit them into your home and garden.

The Moon is in fertile Pisces on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning.  These are the last few fertile planting days before the New Moon. In the waning phase, think perennials and biennials. In Pisces, think water gardens, plants with intoxicating scents or salt tolerant plants that grow near the ocean such as marsh grasses and the gorgeous rosa rugosa, one of my absolute favorites, pictured above.

On Wednesday afternoon, we have a fiery Aries Moon, one of the barren Moons that takes us through Friday night. These are good days to get the garden tools sharpened and glistening. Ruled by Mars, Aries does like his tools sharp and gleaming. Aries days are also excellent days to maintain firepots, outdoor grills, and torches that you have in the yard, such as the fun and festive Tiki Lights that are on sale everywhere now. I picked a couple up at Big Lots for $4.00 each.

We awake Saturday morning to the Moon in Taurus, a fertile planting sign. Taurus is wonderful for transplanting. All those annuals you’ve hauled home from your favorite garden supply or nursery will be very receptive to being transplanted during Taurus. There’s a little rule that says not to plant on New or Full Moons. On a Saturday and with Moon in Taurus, I just don’t think I could stick to that rule. If you can wait until Sunday, wait. If not, have a field day with your little treasures all weekend. I will. 😉

Here are this week’s moon sign and phase changes. Times and tips are for Zone 8, EDT.

Happy Mooning!

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