Gardening Calendar for August

August 2013 gardening calendarHow’s your garden growing? Here in middle Georgia, it’s very bizarre. We should be scalding hot with a need to water every single day. Most days in my area are in the mid-80’s and I can’t remember the last time I had to pull the hose out to water my garden.

It has been so wet that there’s a wintry feel to it because I mostly watch my garden from inside my house. What a strange summer.

For those of you who are still able to garden, here’s a lunar calendar for August. The daily Moon sign is in the right hand corner of each calendar day box. (Click the calendar to open to a full-size pdf.)

If there are two signs, it means that the Moon changes sign on that day. The time of the change is listed below the sign glyphs. The time noted is EDT, so adjust accordingly.

New and Full Moons and waxing and waning cycles are clearly marked.

6 thoughts on “Gardening Calendar for August

  1. janu964 says:

    Your weather sounds like it is here in southeastern Pa! I was thinking this very morning that this has been a wet summer, since it was raining as it is now. Surprise, right?

  2. KathyAnne says:

    I just returned from a week in the Boston area — FANTASTIC weather there, sunny and mild, especially for me, an Arizona resident, where it’s been HOT with some rain, although definitely not an overdose.

    I must say, though, that my (volunteer) datura are huge and gorgeous like on your webpage!

    • CJ Wright says:

      That must have been a nice “welcome home.” I’m still anxiously awaiting my first bloom. Everything is behind schedule.

  3. dirtynailz says:

    CJ I am sorry to hear your season has been so crappy. For once we lucked out with the weather and we’ve had what I would call a perfect growing summer, but next year could be a write-off.
    I hope your trees survive all that rain!

  4. CJ Wright says:

    Thanks, dn. So far, so good. I sure am glad that your season was so good. It was great seeing the pics of how gorgeous your garden has been.

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