The Leo Garden

What gives the Leo garden the attention it deserves? Flowers in jewel tones, trees and herbs ruled by the Sun and Leo, and lions at the garden gate. A simple way to note a garden devoted to Leo is to attach a lion doorknocker to a post at the garden entrance or centered in a grand display of flowers and herbs ruled by the Sun.

Bold summer reds, golds, oranges, and yellows (along with a little royal purple) are the standard Leo colors. A wash of mixed Leo colors glowing in the sunlight is a joyful sight all summer long. Sundials, porch, and garden decorations featuring the Sun are perfect for the Leo garden.

Lion and cub

Lion and cub

Since Leo rules the heart, a romantic spot could be planted with heart-shaped flowers or leaves: bleeding heart, anthurium, morning glories, caladiums, dutchman’s pipe, and fairy wings (epimedium).

Leo is the least fertile of the signs for planting, but don’t put your garden gloves away just yet. There’s always a weed to pull, some soil to aerate, and ~ if the time is ripe ~ some harvesting to be done.

And what better time to entertain in your yard or garden than Leo? Whether it’s a garden tea party, a BBQ, or a low country boil, pull out all the stops! Do it up royally with festive dishes and tablecloths.

Plants of Leo and the Sun ~

Sunflowers, nasturtium, chamomile, dill, fennel, citrus trees, cowslip, daffodils, eglantine, eye-bright herb, marigolds, meadow rue, mistletoe, olive trees, parsley, poppies, saffron, St. John’s wort, almond trees, angelica, ash trees, frankincense, eucalyptus, heliotrope, juniper, mustard herb, palm trees, passion flower, peony, rosemary