Fertile, Fertile Days

seedlings-0414The Waxing Moon entered Cancer today at 12:17pm (EDT) and stays through the 12th at 12:58am. That gives us some of the most fertile planting days of the month. If you have an annual plant or two still in their nursery containers or some seeds you’d like to sow, find a little time to set them out between now and Tuesday evening.

Plant anything that has its seeds on the outside. That’s most annual flowers, lettuce, annual herbs, broccoli, and so on. Save those plants with inside seeds (tomatoes, squash) for the 2nd quarter if you can. That’s the 16-22 of June.

Save bulbs, corms, rhizomes and tubers until after the Full Moon on June 23rd. Stick to annuals and seasonal veggies from now till the 12th.

Get ready. Summer’s a’comin.

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