New Friend in the Garden

I’ve had the sweetest little companion in my garden for the past few days ~ a little damselfly I’ve nicknamed Dotty for obvious reasons. She should be near our neighbor’s pond, but she’s been in an area I’ve kept very wet for the past week. The dampness is probably why she’s taken up residence on a hosta outside my den.

She’s earning her keep by eating lots of mosquitoes. Bless her!!

She really is a “she,” by the way. Only the females have the dots at the tips of their wings.

Damselflies are different from dragonflies. Who knew? I didn’t until I tried to find her online by googling dragonflies. I finally turned to my wise friends at Olive Forge Herb Farm who are experts.

dragonflymedicinecardsI’ve gotten very attached to the little beauty and look for her each time I pass the door that leads outside.

Symbolically, dragonflies (and let’s include damselflies) are messengers. Jamie Sams and Steven Farmer, experts in animal symbolism,  tell us that the dragonfly is a symbol of change and the breaking of self-created illusion. When we see one, we’re to ask ourselves to stop ignoring the need for change and to stop living within some kind of illusion we’ve created. It’s the old “Wake up and smell the roses,” and go ahead and prune and fertilize them while you’re at it, by the way.

Without change, there is only stagnation. Get the chi flowing!

I’ve been working hard at that in my garden. I’ve spent the past few days rearranging it ~ moving plants from one spot to another, adding a couple of new flower beds, even putting in a new tater patch.

I find it very interesting that Dotty began her visit under a waning Pisces Moon. A waning Moon always encourages us to let things go. It’s a time of release. Pisces is the sign most associated with illusions. Maybe it’s time to bring the Moon indoors and turn those delicate rays inward.

For now, though, I’m going to enjoy what time I have left with Dotty and hope that I’ll be visiting with her sons and daughters sometime soon.

If you enjoy spotting dragonflies ~ and damselflies ~ you might enjoy this article from the Dragonfly Site.

Update: The last day I saw Dotty on her special perch was yesterday, June 6. That means she was a constant for about 9 days. Ebony Jewelwings only have an adult lifespan of about 2-3 weeks, even though their entire lifespan is about a year. I feel so lucky to have spent so much time with my special friend.

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