Magickal Space Clearing with Virgo

With a meditation on space clearing with Virgo. There are plenty of methods online for space clearing, but a very basic one is to simply take your broom and sweep the bad stuff right out the door. It's a fantastic thing to do at the end of the year or before you begin anything new. … Continue reading Magickal Space Clearing with Virgo

Tip for Moon in Sagittarius ~ Altars and Shrines

Jupiter is associated with all things of a religious nature ~ the clergy, religious texts, priests and priestesses, altars and shrines. Moon in Sagittarius days are especially well-suited to working on personal altars or shrines you may have in your home or garden. There are many types of altars ~ altars honoring ancestors, those for … Continue reading Tip for Moon in Sagittarius ~ Altars and Shrines