The Power of the Pluto Trine in Home Repair

Here’s a little anecdote about the power of the trine, a 90° angle between planets’ zodiacal positions which almost always points toward ease. Anytime Pluto aspects your Moon, expect some kind of repairs to the home. And anytime Pluto is involved, believe me, you want trines! You want it as easy as it comes.

Pluto is associated with plumbing, bathrooms, renovations, demolition, dankness, stinky things.

The Moon is the prime symbol of the home.

Put these two together and you can have a disaster on your hands. Fortunately for me, Pluto is currently trine my natal Moon.


USS Starship Plumbing Repair

Just today, I had what could have been a plumbing nightmare ~ a leak behind a shower wall that was dripping into a downstairs closet. It had apparently been going on for a while. I’d noticed an occasional stinky, musty smell in the stairwell of our 45-year-old house. It was never constant. Since we’ve had lots of rain and tons of humidity for several weeks, I assumed that was the cause.

I took a shower before running some errands today. After I finished my shower, my husband told me he heard some dripping in a downstairs closet that is rarely opened. You guessed it. The closet ceiling is wet and water is dripping onto some bags. GAWD! How much is this going to cost? I envisioned major repairs, panels and panels of new sheet rock, wood to be replaced, and who knows what else. Dang that pesky Pluto and his idea of home renovation!!!

Tony, my plumber, arrived, scoped it out, and expected to have to replace either the valve (“baaaad“) or the pan (“verrrrry bad“). First, they knocked a hole in the closet ceiling and then opened up the wall behind the shower to determine just howw bad it was.

Now here’s the power and ease of the trine.

It wasn’t the valve (bad) or the pan (very bad). It was a loose connection in the arm leading to the shower head. They fixed the leak and put an access panel in the wall just in case they ever needed to get to that plumbing again.

As Tony, my plumber, put it, “It was the easiest repair of all.”

So the moral of the story is to expect something to be reborn when Pluto touches an important part of your chart. Birth is rough. It’s usually messy. But with a Pluto trine, it’s an easy  birth.