It’s Heads Up for Halloween

As I write this, it’s August ~ sweltering, humid, turn up the air conditioning August. It’s too hot to even think about bonfires, roasting marshmallows, or stoking the fire. But the stores are already stocking Halloween goodies and it’s not too early for shopping! What better time to haunt the stores for the newest Halloween decorations and supplies before they’re all gone? And why not do it while the Moon is in Scorpio?

The Moon is in Scorpio on these days in the next couple of months:

August 20-22

September 16-18

October 14-16

I was doing my monthly big shop and came across some fun decorations this week. I love these little wooden witch’s shoes I found at TJMaxx. They’re something I could never make myself and only set me back $12.00. And I couldn’t resist these three signs.

I love Halloween because kids love it so much. There’s lots of laughing as the little ones scurry up my long, steep driveway for their treats. My most popular Halloween give-away treat last year was the little individual bags of animal crackers that come packaged in a big bag of 25 or so. I’ll definitely get more than one bag of those this year. They’re perfect for the little trick-or-treaters who are still in their momma’s arms.

I get the biggest kick out of the homemade costumes. I love the creativity and scrapping for what makes a costume work. Scorpio knows all about scrapping and recycling, so why not make your costumes during a Scorpio Moon? If you need some costume ideas, I wrote a series on costumes by sign for a couple of years ago. Maybe you’ll find an idea that works for you.

Just one more thing: boo!


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