Magickal Space Clearing with Virgo

With a meditation on space clearing with Virgo.

There are plenty of methods online for space clearing, but a very basic one is to simply take your broom and sweep the bad stuff right out the door. It’s a fantastic thing to do at the end of the year or before you begin anything new. And what better sign to do it under than Virgo, and what better time than the New or Full Moon in Virgo?

No zodiac sign has a better reputation than Virgo when it comes to cleaning. She’s the absolute master. Clean anything when the moon is in Virgo. This feminine, sensitive sign isn’t limited to to maid service. She’s adept at many things—organization, healing, style of presentation, to name a few. She does have a talent for cleanliness, though, and acquires the skills to do an A+ job.

Magick is the art of change—spiritual and physical—as opposed to the magic performed by stage magicians. Space clearing is magickal because of the  change that occurs when we use not just our brooms, but also our hearts and minds to symbolically replace bad vibes with good. We do this when we sage an area, use a scented candle, or an aromatherapy spray mist.

If the vibes in your physical space are really bad, place a vase of holly in the room.

Sweeping moves the energy around and freshens the atmosphere. Sweeping the trash right out the door is a magickal way of cleansing your space and getting it ready for good vibes to come in. Here’s some major magick—you don’t have to be in that space and you don’t even need a real broom.

A Meditation on Space Clearing with Virgo

broom2Close your eyes and imagine yourself standing in the space that you want to clear. Virgo, the Virgin, hands you a broom. What does it look like? Is it small, big, old, new? What color are the bristles? Is it decorated, plain? This is your magickal broom. It will go everywhere you go, at your beck and call, ready to be used whenever you need it.

See yourself starting to sweep the space you want to clear. Bad vibes begin to cling to your magickal broom. What do they look like? Fuzzballs? Shards? What color are they?

As you sweep, the bad vibe residue begins to change—it begins to sparkle like tiny stars twinkling as they ride along with your broom.

As you continue to sweep the floor, the baseboards, the corners and the ceiling, your broom takes over. It is no longer in your hands, but is sweeping on its own—able to reach places that you can’t.

When you feel the space is cleared, see three  windows flying open to allow fresh air to enter the space. The door flies open! All the tiny, sparkling stars clinging to your broom rush out the door, a swish of fresh air following them out.

Your broom returns to you. As you take it in your hands, it dissolves into the ether stored safely away till you need it again. You turn to see Virgo, the Virgin, smiling at you.  “A job well done,” she says. “A job very well done.” She exits through the door, closing it behind her.

Enjoy the freshness you feel and, when you’re ready, open your eyes. Carry the fresh feeling with you as you go about your day. Remember that you always have your very own magickal broom to use whenever you have the need.

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