Sunset House Blessing for the Full Moon in Leo

House blessings have a long history. They’re performed by many cultures and religions as housewarmings, but can be performed at any time. The blessing is to protect the house and ensure fruitfulness, health, love, and prosperity for those who live there. Often a religious leader performs the blessing, but you can do this yourself, adapting the blessing to your personal needs and belief system.

A sunset blessing is a lovely way to celebrate the harmonious connection of the Sun and Moon, especially at the full moon.  We bid goodnight to the Sun in the west and await the appearance of the Moon rising in the east.

Leo, ruled by the Sun, is a playful sign associated with joy, heartfelt love, children, theatre, creativity, and entertaining. Areas of our home associated with this passionate fire sign are the den or family room, any room where the family regularly gathers, children’s play spaces (indoors and out), children’s bedrooms, places you entertain (indoors or out), and the area you consider to be the show-stopper in your home. It could also be the place in your home where you “hold court” in that most regal Leo way.

The heart is associated with Leo, representing the love we give and receive. The heart of your home is always the place where there is a generous outpouring of love and affection.

Before you perform your blessing, decide whether you will bless a specific area of your home or the entire house. If you bless your house, you will eventually place your candle to rest in what you consider to be the heart of your home. If blessing a single room, make sure you have a table or counter top cleared for the candle to rest on.

To prepare for the blessing, gather:

  • A candle in Leo colors—most often yellow or orange, though you could also use a pink candle for love. A white candle will always be appropriate for a blessing.
  • Something scented with orange. Orange essential oil is uplifting and joyful. Use the oil to dress your candle by putting a drop on your finger and rubbing the oil onto the candle. You can also use the oil in a diffuser. Another option is to place a bowl of oranges on the table where you will place your candle to rest. Slice or break open the orange to release the delicious aroma. Peeling the orange releases the natural oils.
  • If you have an object with a heart, the sun or a lion on it, place that on your table, too, to represent Leo. It doesn’t have to be a sun or lion, you can choose anything you like to represent Leo’s qualities.

“Whatever house you enter, first say, ‘Peace be to this house!’”
~ Luke 10:5


Perform Your Blessing

  • Before you begin and if the weather is not too cold, open the windows a little to let in a some fresh air. Even opening the windows an inch will let fresh air rush in.
  • You may smudge your room or house before beginning the house blessing, but it’s not necessary.
  • When you are ready, move to the center—the heart—of the area you are blessing. Light your candle and say a blessing over the space. You can write the blessing yourself or choose one of the many house blessing prayers you can find online. I’ve included two here that I like very much. When you finish your blessing, place your candle on the table to rest. Let it burn down or blow it out.

Happy Full Moon in Leo. May bright Moon blessings fill your home.

Irish House Blessing

God bless the corners of this house,
And be the lintel blest,
And bless the hearth and bless the board,
And bless each place of rest,
And bless each door that opens wide
To stranger as to kin,
And bless each crystal window pane
That lets the starlight in,
And bless the rooftree overhead
And every sturdy wall.
The peace of man, the peace of God,
The peace of love on all.

House Blessing Prayer

To the Divine Spirit (or Universal Energy, Supreme One, etc.), in lighting this candle we summon love, harmony, peace, and prosperity into our home. May we be blessed with good health, happiness, success, and abundance. May this home be a sacred dwelling for us and our children. May those who visit us feel peace and love. We decree that this home is now shielded from harm, illness, or misfortune. Thank you for bringing divine light, love and energy into our hearts, rooms, and endeavors. With tremendous gratitude, we thank you. In full faith, so be it and so it is!

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