Decorating Tips for Aquarius

Aquarius is considered the rebel or eccentric of the zodiac and would be hard-pressed to fit into someone else’s mode or style. Since freedom and experimentation are two Aquarian traits, this is the time of year when you when you can throw caution to the wind and do what feels good and makes you happy.

If you’d like to stick with traditional Aquarius themes, here are a few tips to get you started. Some are more traditional while others are way out there.

  • Add electric blue and amethyst to your environment. If that color combo is hard to imagine, just think carnival glass. The electric blue is invigorating while amethyst is relaxing. The Aquarius birthstone is the amethyst, btw.

  • Orchids and unusual flowers like Bird of Paradise or the Giant Pelican Plant are Aquarian flowers. They’re gorgeous in a single display, but they also make a bold, dynamic statement in arrangements.
  • Anything tie-dyed is Aquarian. Wrap throw pillows in tie-dye t-shirts for a quick hippie retro-look.
  • Eucalyptus branches or essential oil in a diffuser bring a refreshing, invigorating Aquarian scent to the environment. Eucalyptus oil is antiseptic and makes a good addition to any green cleaning recipes.
  • Large birds of flight such as geese, eagles, and flamingos are all Aquarian. Go ahead and put those flamingos on display in your front yard. The neighbors already know you’re weird. Have some fun with it.
  • Anything displayed in groups of seven ~ a strange, but true tip about Aquarius.

These next two suggestions are off the beaten track for Aquarius, but Aquarius is a free spirit and won’t be held back.

  • Valentine’s Day is always during Aquarius. Hearts, cherubs, and all things romantic are not themes normally associated with Aquarius, but they are certainly appropriate during the month of February. Add a heart-shaped wreath to your front door or a heart-shaped lavender wreath in the kitchen. To make it truly Aquarian, make it unique and a little bit weird.
  • Another holiday that occurs during Aquarius is Chinese New Year. Indulge in some dragons and Chinese lanterns.

Check out The Wild and Wacky Aquarius Garden for more about Aquarian flowers.

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