Back in the Game…errr…Garden

English: Baby swiss chard (seedlings).

Baby swiss chard (seedlings). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I made my first real trek back into the garden yesterday. By real, I mean that I put something in the ground. I bought some basil, parsley, swiss chard, and arugula, and set them out while the Moon was in very fertile 1st Quarter Cancer.

Swiss chard is delicious and also makes a beautiful ornamental. They come mixed with some winter arrangements and can easily transplant to your veggie garden.

I couldn’t find a planetary ruler for swiss chard in any of my reference books. It’s a member of the beet family, though. Culpepper assigns red beets to Saturn and white beets to Jupiter, though more should be learned about the health benefits of chard before applying the same to red or white chard. This article may help. Lots of info there points to swiss chard and Mars connections. The article says that it can “prevent iron deficiency” and limit “neuronal damage in the brain.” Those are both Mars/Aries territory. Mars is a real contender here. What do you think?

The Moon enters Leo at 11:15am (EDT) today. How’s your garden looking? Honestly, mine is still ragged from the winter. There is lots to do, almost too much. (You’ve been there, right?)

Leo is not good for planting, but it is good for putting some polish on your garden palace. It’s a great time to get creative with your garden ~ exterior decoration, so to speak.


Do you buy more than one almanac each year or stick to a favorite?

I have several, but I’d love to hear your recommendations and why you like them. Do tell.

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