Decorating Tips for Capricorn

Here are some quick tips to add a little Capricorn to your environment.  While everyone can enjoy them while the Sun is in Capricorn (December 20-January 20), they are suited for native Capricorns all year long. Things that are highlighted are naturally associated with the sign.

  • Change out throw pillows, sofa throws, and candles to ones in Capricorn’s conservative colors ~ dark brown, forest green, and navy blue. You can also use the deep delicious garnet red, the color of Capricorn’s birthstone.
  • paisley Red_and_blue_bandannasIf you like prints, paisley is perfect. Throw a paisley scarf or shawl over a table or piano.
  • Patchouli in your oil diffusers or candles is relaxing and calming.
  • Capricorn is the sign associated with time. Display an antique clock or collection of pocket watches.
  • Add strands of ivy to your flower arrangements or use a small potted ivy as a focal point on your coffee table or mantle.
  • Put a few small quince branches in a vase. Don’t be surprised if the quince is “forced” and starts to bloom.
  • If you have planters near your front door, fill them with pansies. If they’re grown organically, you can add these edible flowers to salads.
  • Use table runners featuring ivy or pansy embroidery or designs.
  • Brown coffee beans or river stones make a great base for dried flowers in a clear vase.
  • If you have a set of bone china, why not enjoy it everyday instead of keeping it stashed away.

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