Pocket Hose ~ Don’t Take a Soaking

I bought one of the 25 foot pocket hoses and liked it so much I bought another one to extend the hose to 50 feet. Then I bought another one for a different faucet. I really loved not having to lug around and reel in a very heavy hose.

I’ve just now been outside using the last 25 foot hose I bought when suddenly it blew off the connector! I’m soaked and the hose is useless. You can’t fix these things like you can a regular garden hose.

They look real cute all wrapped up in that tight little wad, don’t they? Mine will be in a tight little wad in my garbage can.

I was curious to see if this happened to anyone else so I went to my trusted Amazon reviews. Lo and behold! 76 one star reviews. I’m making it 77. Lots of reviewers mention this happening to them. The hose usually leaks right out of the package, too.

I’ve only used the thing, oh, maybe 20 times. That makes it a very expensive hose.

According to some Amazon reviewers, the manufacturer isn’t eager to refund or help out in any way.

If it’s too good to be true, it’s probably not. Save your money.

5 thoughts on “Pocket Hose ~ Don’t Take a Soaking

  1. JenGrable says:

    Yeah, we tried those in the greenhouse at the St Louis Zoo and they were crap. We scavanged the shut off valves and tossed the rest…….

    Jen Grable

    Time is a non-renewable resource.

  2. dirtynailz says:

    I keep getting email ads for them. I was also tempted until I read your post. Thanks for getting the word out, CJ!

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