Zodiactivities for April 8-14, 2012

Focus of the Week: Spring Cleaning

I hope you found last week’s tips useful. The next few weeks will have tips for each of the signs to help with you spring clean the lunar way.

Easter Sunday has the Moon in Scorpio reminding us of the powerful transformative force available to everyone, no matter how difficult things can be sometimes.

In the gardening tips for this week, I mentioned resurrection plants like Rose of Jericho and the resurrection fern being associated with Scorpio. In the same vein, we can use blooming teas to symbolize our power to renew life. They would make a beautiful addition to any renewal ceremony or welcoming of new life. If you aren’t familiar with blooming teas, take a look at the video down below. It shows several gorgeous teas as they open into “flowers.”

If you find time for any kind of spring cleaning on Sunday, hold the intention that you are breathing new life into your home. Everything old is new again.

On Monday, the Moon moves into adventurous and philosophical Sagittarius. Is there a special place in your home devoted to religious, philosophical, or college studies? Spend some time organizing, dusting, and getting them ready to expand your knowledge and perspective. Any religious statues or altars you have in your home would also be a part of Sagittarius’ domain.

Capricorn parts of the home include mantles or shelves where you keep awards noting your achievements. Do those brass plaques need polishing?

Brick or stone areas and any place that has been abandoned or is in a state of decay would also be considered Capricorn areas. If you can get to those areas on Wednesday or Thursday, you’re in sync with the Moon. If you can’t get to the really tough areas this week, schedule them for Capricorn days in the coming months. Sometimes contractors must be called in to handle the really big jobs. Knowing when to schedule these jobs may help your efforts considerably.

On Friday, the Moon moves into social, future-minded and technically savvy Aquarius and stays there through the weekend. Carefully clean any high-tech gadgets making sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. High-tech usually means “sensitive.” If you have a mad scientist inventor type in your home, their lab is an Aquarian spot. Do NOT try to clean it! You may get zapped by their latest gizmo. Aquarius is an excellent time to schedule air conditioning/heat pump maintenance.

Please share any tips that you think fit this week’s Moon signs.

You can tackle a room at a time while observing the Moon:

  • Scorpio ~ bathrooms and basements.
  • Sagittarius ~ areas devoted to religious, philosophical, or college studies.
  • Capricorn ~ areas holding awards, diplomas, photos or trophies noting your achievements.
  • Aquarius ~ computer desks and any areas devoted to high-tech anything.

Here’s the blooming tea video. These teas are as delightful to drink as they are to watch unfurl. For best presentation, steep them in a clear glass tea pot.

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