Sharing Spring with Friends


Here in the south, many of the flowering trees have already peaked and the azaleas are giving way to lush vegetation. The kudzu is already rampant. Because of this year’s higher temps, we probably only have a couple of more weeks of easy gardening time before the heat overwhelms us.

It’s different “up north,” though. You are probably just seeing the sprouts of plants that are already fading away “down south.”  

While we share many facets of spring, we also experience many differences. The light is different. The birds and plants are different. All are glorious. Having spent one half of my life in the south and the other half in the north, I’d be hard pressed to say which is more beautiful. Nature has special treats for us no matter where we are.

I’d like to share a video with you by my dear friend, Mike Heaphy. I hope you enjoy his presentation of Spring in the Lower Hudson Valley.

Mike’s YouTube Note: Just a couple of pretty spots in the Lower Hudson Valley, New York. Music from Chopin Cello Sonata Opus 65 3rd movement. Public Domain from Wikipedia Sound List.


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