Zodiactivities for March 5-11: Moon in Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio

Times are EST, Gardening for Zone 8. Check the March calendar for sign changes. To make adjustments for your time zone, click here.

Venus enters Taurus on Monday bringing comfort and acceptance to the tried and true. Maybe the same old/same old isn’t so boring after all? It’s all about the joys of the simple life. Sharing a beneficial aspect with Neptune, we may find that we’re actually okay living the dream we’re in, at least for the time being.

Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday, the 11th!daylight savings time

phases 3-5-12 

The waxing Moon in Leo on Monday and Tuesday can have everyone bursting to take the lead. This can be harder than it seems, with disappointment roaring in on Tuesday if Monday’s efforts are pushed. Just let it go, it probably wasn’t a big deal, anyway.

The Full Moon in Virgo on Wednesday is the checkpoint of the New Moon in Pisces two weeks ago. Where Pisces expands beyond boundaries, Virgo stays within the lines. Order to chaos.

The waning Libra Moon of Friday and Saturday will have us looking at all our old things with appreciation. Maybe a little polishing is all that’s needed to make the somewhat tarnished brilliant again.

Sunday’s Scorpio Moon can lure us back into obsessing on what tarnished that old thing in the first place. Oh, fickle, moody Moon. Don’t kill it off yet. Wait it out.

Household and Gardening Tips


Focus of the Week: The Body

Always check with your doctor if a condition is chronic or new symptoms appear that aren’t normal.

Schedule back massages, haircuts and color touch-ups for Monday and Tuesday while the Moon is waxing in Leo. Clean your hair brushes and replace those that are worn out. Since you’ll be looking good, catch The Artist or another Academy Award winner.

There’s no better Full Moon of the entire year to begin a cleansing program or take a one-day fast than during Virgo if your health allows. Plan ahead to have things on hand for a cleanse on Wednesday. Eat sparsely at Thursday’s Full Moon to break a fast. Resolve to keep one new healthy habit for three weeks ~ a “magic” time for breaking habits.

The Libra Moon may be champing at the bit to get your sweet tooth satisfied once a fast is broken. Share sweet thoughts and words with others to keep the sugar blues away. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of dark chocolate, 70% cacao. A bit is good for you. A bit.

Scorpio is the sign of elimination. There are plenty of herbal teas available to improve digestion and aid detox. I’m a fan of Traditional Medicinals, available in most grocery stores. The teas are usually gentle enough for occasional use.

There are quite a few good planting days in the last half of the week. Avoid all planting during Leo on Monday and Tuesday and the Day of the Full Moon in Virgo on Thursday.

roots You can start seeds for vines on Wednesday while the Moon is in Virgo. Why not start your moonflower seeds indoors or out on Wednesday? Each blossom will remind you of the Full Virgo Moon.

Perennial flowers can be added to the garden or divided during Libra on Friday and Saturday. Sunday’s Moon in Scorpio is an advantageous time for all perennials because it’s an aid for hardy root systems. Also good for leeks, beets, turnips, onions, potatoes, asparagus, rhubarb, and other roots.

3 thoughts on “Zodiactivities for March 5-11: Moon in Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio

  1. Penny says:

    Brilliant..this coming week is working well for me and my personal activities..or maybe I am a little more aware nowadays of how to work well with the energies of the week to come..you would, my friend, have to shoulder some blame for that LOL..love these articles: sorting my life out beautifully – I get a starting point and renewed enthusiasm that rolls me onward..thank you xxx

    • cj wright says:

      LOL! I’ll carry the blame, Penny…as long as things go well. If there’s a dip in enthusiasm, well…we’ll simply have to blame the stars. 🙂

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