Zodiactivities for February 13-19 ~ Moon in Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius

Times are EST, Gardening for Zone 8. For additional daily activities and times of sign changes, see February Zodiactivities calendar.

I’d love to know what you’ve got going in the garden this week. Please tell me about it in the comments.


The standout event this week is Valentine’s Day on Tuesday. Whether we celebrate it, buy into it, or dismiss it, we’re all pummelled with it. There are some lovely non-Cupid activities abuzz around this time of the week if you’d rather focus on them.

Monday brings us a Scorpio Moon, full of intensity, passion, and a good smidge of revenge. What starts out as brooding thoughts on Tuesday could morph into a more lighthearted evening as the Moon moves into happy, open-minded Sagittarius where it stays through Thursday. We have Moon in Capricorn on Friday and Saturday, so seriousness and responsibility prevail. Cap isn’t all rules and regulations, though. There’s a dry, off-beat wit, too. Think Britcoms. We awake to an Aquarius Moon on Sunday which can lend itself nicely to participating in some new “off-beat” activities. Hey, you don’t know unless you try it, right?

Mercury moves into Pisces on Monday evening and will stay there through March 2. These are sweet talk days when the mind turns to poetry and music, a place sometimes beyond words. If your mind is searching, but fails to find its mark, you’re feeling the Mercury in Pisces vibe. Don’t worry about it. Wonderful things can ooze out of that nebulous oozy fog that will benefit you when Mercury enter Aries.

Household and Gardening Tips

If you followed the weekend’s Libra Moon advice to throw out your old beauty products and clothing that makes you not so happy with yourself, Monday’s Scorpio Moon is a fabulous time to drop off any recyclables ~ clothes to the local clothes closet or Goodwill, plastic bottles rinsed and ready for the recycling bin. We spend a lot of time in the bathroom grooming, so take advantage of the waning Moon period to open up your drains on Monday or Tuesday. Household plumbing and bathrooms are Scorpio domains so think clean.

We can’t deny that Scorpio is sex, so decide if you’re planning a red or pink Valentine’s Day. Red for passion. Pink for universal and self-love.

On the more sentimental side, light a candle or otherwise memorialize a loved one who has passed on. This is a very tender time, especially with all the Valentine’s hoopla. If you’ve lost your partner, these couple of days can bring some healing. As Tuesday’s Moon fades from Scorpio to Sagittarius, remember all the funny valentines you shared. Laugh, remember, heal.

The Moon spends Wednesday and Thursday in expansive, philosophizing Sagittarius. A great time for a seminar or even some streaming videos on world religions. The mind does two things during Sadge: opens and takes in new information or closes and becomes rigid and dogmatic. One will work better than the other for you at this time. Great debate time. If you have a fireplace, burn one of those creosote sweeping logs to help clean the chimney. Even if it’s too warm for a real fire, it’s never too warm to have a cleaner chimney.

Moon in Capricorn on Friday and Saturday is a great clock maintenance time. Set all your household clocks and wristwatches so they are in sync. Don’t forget the clock in your car dashboard. That’s one we tend to overlook until we get in the car and think we have more time than we really do.

The Sun in Aquarius on Sunday is an excellent time to change your air filters and clean up your computer files. You may want to save that for Monday, though, and spend Sunday socializing. Be a friend today.

What might seem like a quiet week in the garden can have you pulling out the liniment before the week is over. 


You can plant perennials for abundance during Scorpio IF the weather allows. I picked up a small container of red carnations the other day and will get them in one of my planters during Scorpio. Carnations are not only hardy here in Zone 8, they’re popular. I grabbed a pot before they were all gone. Carnation is one of my favorite scents.

Here’s a great piece of gardening lore. Always plant your roses on Valentine’s Day. It’s certainly easy to remember roses and Valentine’s Day and February is the month to get them in the ground here in Zone 8. I wouldn’t advise planting them during a barren sign just because it’s Valentine’s, but with the Moon in Scorpio on the 14th this year, it’s not bad advice. Scorpio is a fertile sign, after all, and we’re in the waning period. Existing roses should be pruned between now and March 15th. Scorpio might help you remember “severe,” which is the kind of pruning they’ll need. If you’re new to pruning or squeamish about it, check out this article from the American Rose Society.

If you’re trimming trees, go for Moon in Capricorn. Louise Riotte, my gardening guru, says that wood heals well at this time.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday when the Moon is in Sagittarius and Aquarius are best for clean-up and weeding chores. February is the best month for cutting back your liriope and monkey grass before the new shoots start appearing. Because of the warm winter, mine are in great shape this year. Makes me wonder if it’s really necessary, but old habits die hard.

Have a great week and keep an eye out for that slipper of a Moon.

2 thoughts on “Zodiactivities for February 13-19 ~ Moon in Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius

  1. todowhatyoulove says:

    Thank you so much for this “Lunar Home and Garden” blog. I am enjoying working with it so much….especially the monthly Zodiactivities calendar. I find it so helpful to read the entries every morning before I start my day. I so appreciated it!

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