Zodiactivities for February 6 – 12, 2012: Moon in Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio

Times are EST, Gardening for Zone 8. Times noted are for sign changes. For additional daily activities, see  February Zodiactivities calendar.

It’s a big week with lots of sign changes and a Full Moon.

Only in our dreams

The Moon is in Cancer for most of the daylight hours on Monday with a change of signs into Leo on Monday evening. The Full Snow Moon in Leo on Tuesday brings a halt to outgoing activities and brings the focus inward. Leo rules the heart, back, romance, and our egos, so a Full Moon can heighten energies surrounding these issues. By midday Thursday, Virgo reminds us to be practical. By Friday evening, the Libra Moon has us ready to socialize ~ a good time for heart-to-hearts, the arts, and all things beautiful.

Sunday’s primed to be the best day of the weekend because of some cranky aspects on Friday and Saturday. Sunday afternoon’s happier aspects are more conducive. Sunday evening the Moon moves into Scorpio. The tendency during Scorpio is to withdraw. Find some quiet time.

Weather in the southern US has most of us only dreaming of snow so maybe this year we should use one of the Full Moon’s alternative names ~ The Primrose Moon ~ used by the Victorians. The primrose was also considered to be the birth flower of February during the Victorian era. Here in Zone 8 we’re seeing primroses for sale, but there’s not a chance of snow. 

Household and Gardening Tips

The focus this week is on the Full Moon in Leo. Leo loves cooking with fire so throwing something on the grill might be just the way to go.

If you make Moon Water, set your jars out on Monday night. (If you’re new to Moon Water, check out the link.)

Pick one messy something or another that you haven’t been able to face and get it organized while the Moon is in Virgo. The waning Moon will help you toss out all those unnecessary items you’ve been holding onto for too long. Winter may have taken a toll on your socks. Remember when our Moms told us that we wouldn’t want to be caught in holey socks or underwear if we were in a car accident? (That was awful!) Now’s the time to make Mom proud and get those socks in top form.

If you want to start a diet, waning Virgo days are certainly contenders. Waning days are good for detox and Virgo, the “health sign” of the zodiac, is great at establishing routines. You can also use Virgo time successfully to get your home looking neat and tidy for any weekend guests or get-togethers.

We have a loving and cooperative Libra Moon for the weekend. If you’re thinking of redecorating, the weekend may bring some clarity on choices and allow you to compromise if you’re decorating with a partner. Pick up color or fabric swatches. If you’re thinking of coloring your hair on the weekend,  color is suppose to respond more during a waxing Moon. Results may be more subtle with the waning Libra Moon. (I’d love some feedback on your results if you color your hair this weekend.)

Sunday evening’s Scorpio Moon is made for quieter reflection. A good time for taking in all that’s happened during the week of the Full Moon.

The Full Moon in Leo is verboten for planting so spend Tuesday resting to divert some of the frenetic energy of the Full Moon. If you’re irritated or people are snippy, take it out on the weeds instead of people and whack away, though it’s best to wait till Wednesday when the Moon is on the wane. Whack away at the weeds, that is, not people.

If you just can’t stop yourself from planting flowers this weekend, the best time is probably over the weekend while the Moon is in Libra, but don’t forget that we’re in the waning phase. Best to wait till the Moon is waxing again. If you visit the nurseries, don’t get talked into buying plants that aren’t ready to go in the ground. Over-eager sellers are selling, after all. With a waning Moon, maybe the best bet is to focus on beautifying the garden shed or getting tools in shape for spring.

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