Home and Self-Care Tips for Virgo ~ Color

Virgo ColorsThe effects of color on our psyche and mood is well documented. Perhaps there’s a clue or two about how using these colors in your home or clothing can help integrate the qualities of each sign. 

The main colors associated with Virgo are classic navy blue (indigo) and gray. These colors are mature and conservative, seeking respect, responsibility, and organization.

Navy blue is an intellectual color representing self-reliance and responsibility. The color of wise counsel, wearing or surrounding yourself with navy blue can motivate you to resolve problems and become more efficient.

If you like this color, you’re probably the take-charge type and think of yourself as resourceful, responsible, and intellectual.

You may also feel vulnerable and protective of your emotions. If that’s the case, use navy blue as a buffer between your feelings and the harsh world. It’s an excellent color for retreat and meditation because it draws your focus inward to search for beauty and a sense of justice, or feelings of security and love.

Navy blue and gray are the colors of the executive, portraying focus and expertise. Think of the classic pinstripe suit or the sportier navy pants and gray jacket. If these colors seem too severe or cold, take a tip from Johnny Depp (with three planets in Virgo) on how to lighten it up. Notice the blue and gray in the scarf, too.

Sodalite in a silver setting is another way to bring these qualities into your wardrobe. Check out this gorgeous sodalite pendant. These are the colors of our night sky ~ dark blue with silver sparkling stars. Works for me!

Other ways to use what can sometimes be too boring gray is by substituting silver. Here’s a great example of Virgo’s colors in a silver 1995 Lincoln Executive Town Car with a navy blue cloth top. Very classy. (They don’t make Town Cars anymore, so this is definitely on it’s way to being a true classic.)

Here’s an example of using the colors in the bedroom. The clean lines and balanced photos and sconces are very indicative of Virgo’s streamlined, efficient nature.

A navy throw pillow with silver embellishments, a navy blue box to organize a collection, or even classic denim jeans ~ the dark, unwashed denim ~ are ways to use Virgo’s colors. You feel different in dark denim than in light, right? Perhaps a bit more reserved or “mature?”

How many of you remember when the term “blue haired” meant a little old lady? Everything changes.

Color has a definite effect on our emotions and how we feel about ourselves. Step out of your comfort zone once in a while and experiment with color in various ways.

Photos from Photobucket

3 thoughts on “Home and Self-Care Tips for Virgo ~ Color

  1. Susie C says:

    I love this post CJ, can’t wait to see one for Cancer…hope we get the Moonstone. This is very interesting to read.

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