Zodiactivities for February 27 – March 4: Moon in Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo

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The month began with Taurus and we have now have completed one lunar cycle of zodiactivities arriving once again at where we began. If you have just begun to track the Moon, you’ll discover things that you are naturally drawn to as the signs once again make their essence felt during the coming weeks. Think back to what you did January 29 – February 1st when the Moon was in Taurus. Are you naturally drawn to repeat any of those things? Note this for all the signs as this month unfolds. Eventually, you’ll find your own natural rhythm and get in sync with the Moon, bringing greater ease and comfort to your daily activities.

The special treat this week is Leap Day on Wednesday. Shouldn’t this be a world holiday?! Happy Birthday to all the Leap Year babies who are finally getting a chance to celebrate their birthday on the real day. (My friend “Stinky” is celebrating his 15th birthday at the ripe old age of…ahem…well, let’s just say he’s a baby boomer. Happy birthday, Stinky!) Moon in Gemini should make Leap Year birthday parties fun and social. Imagine the funny birthday stories the Gemini Moon can tell.

zodiactivities w-o 2-27

Moon in luscious Taurus wakes us on Monday morning. While we may be tempted to lounge in bed a bit longer on peaceful Taurus days, we’re also driven to secure what we own or acquire what we don’t own…yet.  Sunday through Monday’s Taurus window gives us time to “tie up our camels,” as they say. 

Gemini has us up and out of bed with lots on our plate for the next couple of days, making the Leap Day lighthearted and maybe even a bit giddy. Sadie Hawkins would be thrilled with the gift of gab today. Ladies, choose your partners!

By Thursday evening, the Cancer Moon is processing all the shenanigans of the Gemini phase and bringing them home to decide which, if any, have any deep emotional context worth holding onto.

The Leo Moon on Sunday evening insists that loyalties be decided and advises everyone to avoid the drama for the time being.

Household and Gardening Tips


Mealtimes are the focus for this week’s household tips. If you’re stocking the pantry this weekend, it might be fun to shop for something fitting the daily Moon sign.

With the Moon in earthy Taurus on Monday and Tuesday, a loaded baked potato may be all you need to throw together the perfect meal, unless a steak finds its way onto your plate. Baked (or nuked) potatoes are easy to prepare and oh, so comforting. Rub a little vegetable oil on a pierced potato and place it directly on the oven rack, cook at 450° for about an hour to get the crispiest potato skins ever. Follow it up with your favorite ice cream, of course. 

Gemini is drawn to light, airy things. Think in terms of soufflés or popcorn to get ideas. Lemons are naturals for Gemini ~ lemon sherbet or sorbet makes a great Gemini dessert. Take it to the limit with a lemon meringue pie, with mile high meringue naturally. 

English: Biscuits and gravy as served by the B...

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Can it get any more homey than breakfast for supper during the Cancer Moon? From eggs over easy to biscuits and gravy to pancakes or eggs benedict, breakfast for supper has a knack to satisfy when nothing else can. If breakfast for supper isn’t your thing, Cancer is the Queen of Soups. If it’s cream based, the Cancer Moon is delighted. End the night with a warm cup of cocoa or Horlicks malted milk drink to help you sleep.

Leo blazes in on Sunday evening to finish out the weekend. You can take the heart-healthy route for Leo or opt for the more dramatic. Whichever you choose, Leo loves cooking with fire ~ grilled salmon or bananas foster both satisfy Leo’s distinctive palate.

If you have something to transplant, take advantage of the Taurus Moon from Sunday through Tuesday evening. Taurus is great for hardiness and developing good root systems. There’s a bucket of orchid bark that has been soaking, just waiting to make my orchids happy in their new homes. (Visit master gardener “dirtynailz” at DiggingRI to learn how to get your cranky orchids to rebloom.) Since Taurus is excellent for developing root systems, try some cuttings now. I have a scraggly rose geranium from last summer that has been waiting for warm weather to offer up some clones. Great for seed starting, too.

Butterflies in Oasi of S. Alessio, Pavia, Italy

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Butterflies, associated with Gemini, are one of the most delightful creatures we can find in our gardens. Plan a butterfly garden or set up a butterfly dish. The saucer to an old pot will do. Put a good bit of sand in the saucer, barely cover the sand with water, and set it out where you can watch the butterflies rest and bask in the sunlight. Adding a stone that sits above the water gives the butterflies a spot to keep their feet dry. Bananas are also tempting, so a slice might entice a few to check out their new digs. If it’s still too cool for butterflies in your area, flipping through all the spring garden mags will keep Gemini occupied for hours on end.

Friday, Saturday, and most of Sunday belong to the glorious waxing Cancer Moon ~ the primo time of the lunar cycle for gardening. Go crazy! Here in the southern U.S., temps feels more like summer than winter. We reach what’s known as “meteorological spring” on March 1st, the time when temperatures are okay (cross your fingers) for doing what you want outside. We’ve had some surprises in the past, though, so caution is still prescribed.

By Sunday evening, the Leo Moon wants you to shut it down. Cancer is the most fertile sign and Leo is the most barren. It’s nature’s way of keeping things in balance. Relax, find a way to enjoy yourself, and create a happy end to the weekend.

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