Pansy Planting Time

Here in Zone 8 the weather has started to cool a bit making it the best time to plant pansies. Plant too early, and the pansies have a hard time adapting. Here are the best days for October plantings during the waxing phase: 5-6 ~ The Moon in Libra makes it an auspicious time to … Continue reading Pansy Planting Time

Abutilon ~ Flowering Maples

My first abutilon entered my life last summer and I am madly, desperately in love with it. I've fallen head over heels for its sisters and cousins, too. There are about 150 different kinds and (I hope my husband isn't reading this) I want them all. My first one is like the orange one here, … Continue reading Abutilon ~ Flowering Maples

confederate jasmine in bloom

The Intoxicating Heaviness of Jasmine, Flower of the Moon

In India the jasmine plant is called "queen of the night" or "moonshine in the garden." This plant with blossoms the color of moonlight generously emits, especially at night, a magical fragrance. Like the waters of a sweet river, this fragrance penetrates the deepest layers of our soul, opening the doors to our emotions. ~Susanne Fischer-Rizzi, Complete … Continue reading The Intoxicating Heaviness of Jasmine, Flower of the Moon


. It seems right to talk about clover on St. Patrick's Day. I know lots of people spend time trying to remove it from their yards and gardens, but I really like the little plants. I'm especially fond of the purple clover that springs up in my garden every year at this time. It was … Continue reading Clover