2012: January 30 – February 5: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer

The Moon merely flirts with Aries in the wee Monday morning hours and then calmly moves into Taurus  bringing us a stabilizing force to start our week. The mood is supported by a happy and optimistic conjunction to Jupiter. The week ends with Neptune’s gentle entry into Pisces where it will stay for the next fourteen years. Plenty of time to make dreams come true.

That’s the Moon, Venus and Jupiter in the pic. It even looks comfy.

Household and Gardening Tips

Moon in Taurus ~ January 30 – February 1
Moon in Gemini ~ February 1-4
Moon in Cancer ~ February 4-6

For times of sign changes and daily aspects, see the calendar here: January  February

Taurus loves both the kitchen and the den. It’s a great time to stock up on comfort foods or to get those sofa pillows fluffed up for a few hours of lounging in front of the tube. As long as we’re not there all the time, there’s nothing wrong with kicking back a few nights a week.

It’ll give you some time to think about who you’d like to spend some time with in lighthearted chitchat when the Moon is in Gemini Wednesday-Friday.

By the time Saturday rolls around, the Moon in Cancer will have you craving those comfort foods you stocked earlier in the week. 😉

The garden was created by Taurus, so if you’ve got seedlings to start or any garden chores at all, Monday through Wednesday are idyllic for getting a little dirt under your nails.

Moon in Gemini would enjoy talking garden plans with a neighbor or buddy. Good ideas can pop up like weeds. It’s also a good time to place a call to your county extension agent to get some info on native plants you’d like to grow.

If the garden was made by Taurus, it was nurtured by Cancer. These are two of the most fruitful times for the garden. Being the cardinal water sign and the most fruitful gardening sign, Cancer would love to pour a little water on your garden or indoor plants. Watering will never be better than when the Moon is in Cancer. If winter has you on a monthly schedule for watering your houseplants, plan it for Moon in Cancer. Careful with those plants who prefer drier soil. A little goes a long way with watering now.

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