Herb and Spice Labels for Magickal Cupboards

How many books do you pull out when you're looking for the properties of one of the herbs or spices on your spice rack? You may have a favorite, but do you double check the other ones, too? Or do a quick search on line? I do did. Nope, not anymore. Those days are over … Continue reading Herb and Spice Labels for Magickal Cupboards

Moonaliscious Crab Salad

It was nearing 1 o'clock and I was hungry. Really hungry. And hungry for something satisfying and definitely not a sandwich. I wanted something tasty. Sparky. Creamy. Easy to prepare. So I whipped up some Moonaliscious Crab Salad. Moonaliscious Crab Salad Servings: 4-6  Time: 30 minutes  Difficulty: Easy Enjoy this sparky, creamy seafood salad on … Continue reading Moonaliscious Crab Salad