Home and Self-Care Tips for Virgo ~ Color


Virgo ColorsThe effects of color on our psyche and mood is well documented. Perhaps there’s a clue or two about how using these colors in your home or clothing can help integrate the qualities of each sign. 

The main colors associated with Virgo are classic navy blue (indigo) and gray. These colors are mature and conservative, seeking respect, responsibility, and organization.

Navy blue is an intellectual color representing self-reliance and responsibility. The color of wise counsel, wearing or surrounding yourself with navy blue can motivate you to resolve problems and become more efficient.

If you like this color, you’re probably the take-charge type and think of yourself as resourceful, responsible, and intellectual.

You may also feel vulnerable and protective of your emotions. If that’s the case, use navy blue as a buffer between your feelings and the harsh world. It’s an excellent color for retreat and meditation because it draws your focus inward to search for beauty and a sense of justice, or feelings of security and love. Continue reading